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  1. The door now is getting stronger and stronger, and the design is also becoming more and more atmospheric, which is also a manifestation of market demand. There are many materials that can be used to make the door. The more common copper doors, aluminum alloy doors, stainless steel doors, etc. Among them, the stainless steel door should be a more popular type. Choosing the stainless steel gate is mainly due to its good appearance, not easy to rust, and good fire prevention and waterproof performance. Therefore, there are indeed many consumers who choose the stainless steel gate. Next, I will introduce the stainless steel gate offer and stainless steel door manufacturers.

    stainless steel door offer
    1, product name: Longtai Jin/stainless steel door/entry door/anti-theft door/LT-1001, brand: Longtai Jin, model: LT1001 Color classification: titanium rose rose, material: steel, opening method: flat opening, price: 938
    2, Shanghai villa biography of luxury villa iron art door hot plating: ¥ 2650
    3, Shandong Ruiwei stainless steel wind wind Management manufacturer: ¥ 500
    4, professional undertaking decorative stainless steel gate villa home improvement: ¥ 650
    5, KTV luxury stainless steel door stainless steel titanium: ¥ 1380
    6, stainless steel wholesale child door stainless steel door entrance: ¥530rnrnrn不锈钢大门厂家rn1、业高品质锻造铁艺产品,公司主营产品美国铁艺入户门,铁艺大门,铁艺滑道门,别墅铁艺扶手, Villa iron railing, villa aluminum alloy armrests, aluminum alloy doors, forging iron crafts, etc. The products produced by our company fully combine the simplicity of European iron arts, pursuing texture and the aesthetic and practicality of Asian traditional forging.

    2, Texas Ruwei Ventilation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional ventilation equipment manufacturing enterprise integrating design, manufacturing, sales, installation, and after -sales service. The ventilation and cooling of large factories, industrial dust removal and other projects have accumulated rich practical experience, reserved a large number of high -quality and professional talent teams, adhering to the "people -oriented, integrity operation" corporate spirit and perfect after -sales service system.
    3, Foshan Maize Building Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014. It is a professional production and sales: aluminum alloy kick, aluminum alloy ecological door, office partition, aluminum alloy doors and windows, hotel mobile high partitions, KTV fashion entertainment doors, etc. Manufacturer that is integrated with engineering. The factory covers an area of ​​60,000 square meters and a construction area of ​​30,000 square meters.

    above is a specific introduction to stainless steel gate quotation and stainless steel gate manufacturers. The hardness of the stainless steel door is very good, but many friends are not very familiar with the stainless steel door. The application of stainless steel door application will definitely become wider and wider. In addition, the stainless steel door also has good anti -theft performance, and the quality is also good. The door made by vacuum -plated stainless steel plates is not only light, but also has high hardness. It is suitable for use in many occasions, high -end communities, villas, and government units.

  2. The stainless steel door is calculated according to the square. The wholesale price of the general primary color stainless steel gate is more than 600 square meters. The rose gold stainless steel gate is about 900 square meters. The price of Foshan is for reference only.

  3. It depends on where you are still the thickness of the material. Some doors are more expensive. Generally, the unit price of 0.88 door frames, and the unit price of 0.48 door fans is about 620 square meters. Written so hard, give a praise

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