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  1. To integrate into the Chinese marketing model in recent years, Korean jewelry companies have realized that to open the Chinese market, there must be a product of product radiation. A Base of a Korean -stream jewelry in China, so it has worked together to build Qingdao International Craft City. Some companies with strong adaptability have achieved good operating performance in Qingdao International Craft City. However, some companies still use the past processing model of receiving orders. They do not use the functions of the wholesale market. The new products are not on the shelves. There is no cash in the store. Many buyers who do not know it can be difficult to see new products in such a store. This way of business is incompatible with the marketing model of the Chinese market.nThe Chinese jewelry industry does have problems with plagiarism, replicas, and imitation, but it is difficult to change this situation in the short term. If you blindly waste food to protect your new products, Chinese dealers cannot purchase your new product, then it is difficult for your product to open the market in China.nPopular jewelry, expensive. Jewelry shops should continue to show new products in order to give customers a refreshing feeling and arouse customers' desire to buy. Chinese jewelry dealers expect the Korean jewelry shop to boldly display new products and supply stocks.nTo establish a Chinese local marketing teamnThe most effective way to solve the problem of dissatisfaction with soil and water is to establish a localized marketing team in China. Hanliu jewelry in China should deal with Chinese dealers, agents, and consumers. We must not only understand Chinese language, but also understand Chinese culture and customs, and adapt to China's marketing methods. Many international brands have successfully opened the Chinese market, which is to rely on establishing a localized marketing team in China. Hanliu jewelry companies should establish a localized agent, dealer, direct stores, and specialty store marketing teams to establish a mutually beneficial and win -win marketing mechanism with Chinese merchants to allow Chinese merchants to sell Korean jewelry and let Chinese merchants make money At the same time, I also make money.nTo open the Chinese marketing channelnBased on the long -term international operation of Haeaido Jewelry, it has established a accessible international marketing channel. This is indeed ahead of the Chinese jewelry industry. However, it is difficult to compare with Chinese accessories companies in opening the Chinese market. Korean jewelry companies should use their own product research and development advantages and process technology advantages to graft with Chinese accessories marketing companies, and use the marketing channel established by Chinese accessories marketing companies in China to open up the Chinese market. This is faster than the establishment of a marketing outlet directly. Powerful companies can first occupy a first -level wholesale market such as Yiwu and Guangzhou, and then open up a large city market with strong fashion consumption capabilities, and establish a marketing network by establishing radiation points one by one. China's strength -oriented jewelry companies have developed in the direction of sales ending, and the strength -oriented enterprises of Korean jewelry should also pay attention to this new trend.nTo develop suitable products in the Chinese marketnTo maintain the avant -garde style of Korean jewelrynWe said that to develop suitable products in the Chinese market, it is not to give up the style of Korean jewelry. Conversely, only by maintaining the style of the avant -garde of the Korean jewelry can it reflect the differentiation of the Korean jewelry in the Chinese market and avoid the homogeneous competition with Chinese jewelry.nWe know that Han Liu is synonymous with fashion in China.nQingdao Original is the advantage of Qingdao accessories in the Chinese market. Its avant -garde product design and development is favored by Chinese consumers. Many accessories dealers just look at it? On the one hand, Korean jewelry companies should maintain the avant -garde style of Korean jewelry, and on the other hand, they should continuously adapt to the fashion needs of Chinese consumers, so as to open up China's larger consumer market.nTo promote the brand of Korean jewelry productsnHae Liu's jewelry has many brands enjoying a high popularity in the international market, but because of the brand promotion and promotion in the Chinese market in the Chinese market in recent years, Chinese consumers have a low awareness of these big brands. There is no due brand effect on the Chinese market. Fish and dragons are mixed, and some star brands are obliterated in the miscellaneous cards. To develop the Chinese market, Korean jewelry companies must increase the efforts of brand promotion, so that their brand image is rooted in the hearts of Chinese consumers, so that star brands are highlighted on the miscellaneous brand, and the glory of the star brand shines. The Chinese Korean Crafts Association should play a leading role in the leader, lead the small brand to break through the Chinese market, and grow into a large brand in the Chinese market.nThe entry into the Chinese market by the Korean jewelry will bring fresh fashion to the Chinese jewelry market, further enrich the Chinese jewelry market, and give more room for Chinese consumers who like Korean jewelry. Merchants bring development opportunities and will drive Chinese jewelry companies to improve their product development and technology level. China and South Korea's jewelry community will promote each other and develop together in mutual learning.

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