2 thoughts on “What brand is IDO? IDO diamond ring is okay?”

  1. OL Jewelry Network is China's first female jewelry, diamond, diamond ring, wedding ring, wedding diamond ring, diamond ring. It is half cheaper than traditional jewelry shops. No matter how expensive. IDO originated in English, yes, I do, and later there was the word IDO. IDO is a major brand in the jewelry industry. The primary planning diamond ring, decoration, jewelry, etc. Many people do n’t know him and do n’t know him, so some people often ask as usual, the IDO diamond ring is not good. What is the brand brand? IDO as a diamond brand, so it ’s better to do it in the diamond ring. Many jewelry companies have joined the IDO, but because the IDO is a big brand at the beginning and end, there should be nothing to say in terms of quality and service. Naturally, the price is not good. People will listen to less, but similar, Zhou Dafu, Lao Fengxiang's brands should be familiar, they are all the same, and the price is not small. Therefore The difference is high.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, it does not belong to it. DR and I do are relatively well -known diamond ring brands, which are the first choice for many people. The meaning of the DR diamond ring is "only one person in life". Men can only buy one DR diamond ring with their ID cards in their lives, which has a unique meaning. The meaning of I do diamond ring is "warm emotion", which is a romantic diamond ring brand.nThe two brands of DR and IDO are both well -known brands in China. Both brands of word of mouth are similar. Each brand characteristics IDO brand is more focused on design, diamond ring styles are more characteristic. The model is to give people a feeling that as long as the counter has been seen, you can know that it is the IDO brand in the future. The IDO alone from the product style is made in the domestic brand very successfully. Similar to Cartier, Tiffany and other international internationally The brand is also very characteristic. You can know at a glance that the brand's style does not need to look at the logo. The DR brand focuses on advertising promotion. On many websites, you can see DR advertisements, such as Baidu promotion, post bar, small red book planting, etc., which can be seen. DR's brand also tells stories. Men can only customize one diamond ring in their lives, and they are bound to ID numbers. It symbolizes that men only love one person throughout their lives. This makes many little girls like DR and can only allow boys to love She must buy a DR diamond ring alone. The DR style on the diamond ring product is not very characteristic. The styles are all satisfactory styles. If you do n’t look at the packaging and wear it in your hand, others do n’t know that you buy DR brand diamond ring. The craftsmanship is general, and the craftsmanship is not fine. So two brands, I think IDO is better, DR brand marketing is good. That is, the packaging is done well, and the advertising is well done.

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