3 thoughts on “Where is the Ningbo accessories wholesale market?”

  1. In the Second Bridge Market, its influence is relatively large. The address is No. 50 in Ningzhi Road, Jiangdong District. Behind the cherry blossom community, the landlord can take the 8th Road (4 stop) at the North Railway Station to Shuguang Xincun Station, transfer to 901 The road (Baogong District, 2 stops) get off at No. 2 Bridge Station.

    It bus 8 driving line: East Campus of the School of Engineering (Yongan Bus) -Lulin Market-Yijiang New Village-Kongpu Middle School-Hongmei New Village-Warehouse Road-Jiangbei Traffic Police Brigade-Ri Lake Wedding Plaza (Guangming Eye Disease Hospital)-Shengbao Road-Daqing South Road-Automobile North Station-Bund-Jiangxiaqiao East-Shuguang Road-Shuguang New Village-Xu Rong New Village-Xu Rong Sancun-Mingtou Park (Carrefour)-ZTE Community-Donghai Garden-Wangjiawan-Ningzhang Road (Zhangshu Street) -Princh Fuming Station.

    It bus 901 (Badong District) Driving route: East Railway Station-No. 4 Bridge-No. 3 Bridge-Gymnasium-Carrefour-Minglou New Village-Xu Rong New Village-Shuguang New Village-113 Hospital Branch- No. 2 Bridge-Yonggang New Village-Suzaku New Village-Ningbo Building-Public Management Office-Fuming Road-News Agency Indian-Pinosu Village Elderly Apartment-Qianshui Bay-Haitai Industrial Park-Qiu Feng Avenue-Fangzhuang-Youth Road- Shenjia Village-Agricultural Sciences Institute-Wanli College East Campus-Huilong-Gold Club forging Factory-Weilong Electromechanical (Shajia Cushion)-Red Forest-Dongqianhu Town Government-Dongqianhu-Yinjiawan-Qingshan 岙-Eight Eight Working area.

  2. Things such as jewelry are mainly in the Wanghu market of Haishu, and many of the goods in Chenghuang Temple are in.
    The things are cheap and there are many types.
    The goods in Wanghu market should come in at the small product of Yiwu.
    If you just want to set up a stall, go to Wanghu market to buy.
    It if you want to engage in scale, you will go to Yiwu to buy it cheaper.
    The wholesale of Lizhou, if there is a price, it will be high.

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