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  1. 1. Self -made rock sugar watermelon
    The seedlings, cut into small cubes, put them in a container, put them in the refrigerator for 70 minutes, take a pot on the fire, add water, rock sugar and sugar After skimming the foam, put it in a large bowl to cool down and put it in the refrigerator to refrigerate. Mix the watermelon square and rock sugar water when eating.
    . Self -made watermelon frozen
    A watermelon, 200 grams of ravioli powder with water to a thin paste, 20 grams of osmanthus candy, 200 grams of honey, 8 grains of black plums with water, remove and chop them. Wash the watermelon, cut into two halves, remove the seeds, remove the juice, add the pot to ignite, add osmanthus sugar and black plums, and then pour the powder paste into the pot and stir well. After entering the refrigerator, you can quickly condense into the flavorful watermelon frozen. Use a knife to cut into small pieces when eating.
    . Self -made watermelon honey
    This peeling the outer and middle skin of the watermelon, and then cut the watermelon into a small square of about 4 cm and soak it in a syrup or honey with a concentration of 40%, that is, that is, Become watermelon honey. To add flavor, you can add some citric acid.
    . Self -made watermelon
    boiled 100 grams of water and add 200 grams of autolytic and a small amount of flowers. After cooling, put in the refrigerator with 2,000 grams of watermelon to seeds and cut them, add 25 grams of gold cake. When eating, the two are tuned, that is, it becomes a watermelon.
    5. Homemade watermelon sauce
    Pueling thick skin watermelon peel, remove seeds, chopped, and stew it in the pot with a soft heat, and then add 50 grams of glucose and sugar, agar or jelly powder. , Continue until it condensed into sweet watermelon sauce. Or pour the watermelon to hard skin and seeds into the altar, put it in an appropriate amount of fermented soybeans, salt and mix well, and then seal it with gauze. After that, stir 14 times a day. When there is a foam, you can flourish with a spoon. After 15-40 days, the watermelon bean paste is made.
    6. Self -made honey watermelon skin
    The hard skin and melon of watermelon skin, cut into small strips and soak in 2%boiling salt water. After about 2 to 3 minutes, take it out and rinse, then put it in the water cooker and boil, then remove it in cold water and soak it. Then add a little water to the pot to flood the skin of the melon, and then keep the cover and continue cooking. Put 300 grams of granulated sugar per 500 grams of watermelon, and boil for 3 hours, and it is a kind of turquoise and transparent fruit. Candy watermelon peel is easy to eat and can be used at any time. It can also be used as ingredients for eight treasure rice and pastry.

  2. Watermelon jelly

    In required materials: one watermelon, 15 grams of fish rubber powder

    Method: Melon seeds;
    2, melon -squeezed juice (about 300 ml) juice add sugar and stir well;
    3, fish rubber flour is soaked in water in a bowl until it becomes sticky paste;
    4 , Steamed the hot water gel powder in the water gel powder;
    5, mixed with fish rubber powder water with melon juice and stirring (foam floating on the surface of the sauce juice) Watermelon is half a watermelon jelly);
    6, put the watermelon skin filled with juice in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours until frozen;
    7, take out the watermelon jelly, dig out or cut it with a spoon, cut or cut It is okay. Green watermelon milk ice

    Medic materials: 250 grams of watermelon, 250ml milk, 50 grams of milk powder, 50 grams of sugar

    1, watermelon, watermelon, watermelon, watermelon, watermelon, watermelon, watermelon, watermelon, watermelon, watermelon Cut small pieces and boxes of milk, milk powder, sugar mixing juice
    2, filter the sauce and filter the melon
    3, pour the watermelon milk juice into the ice grid and freeze it in the refrigerator for an hour for an hour for one hour Essence Bean paste watermelon ice cream

    In required materials: 400 grams of mung bean paste, 200 grams of milk, 200 grams of watermelon, 60 grams of rock sugar, 50 grams of refining milk

    1 , Put the rock sugar in the milk;
    2, the cooler and cold and other materials are put in the mixer and stir well;
    3, slowly pour the ice cream mold and cover it in the refrigerator, preferably 8, preferably 8 For more than an hour;
    4, frozen ice cream, put it with your hands for a while or rinse with water for a while, and pull it out gently.

    . The watermelon cup of honey watermelon cup

    In required materials: 1 round watermelon, 150 grams of pineapple meat, litchi meat, 250 grams each of apples and Sydney each , 750 ml of rock sugar

    The method:
    1, put the rock sugar in a stew pot, add 2000 ml of white boiling water, steam it on the steamer for about 15 minutes, remove it with a clean cloth, add it after cooling, add it and add it. Cover into the refrigerator;
    2, washed watermelon, apple, Sydney with cold water;
    3, watermelon cut in the horizontal cut of about six cups of melon cups; The mouth of the melon cup is cut into teeth, and the melon is dug out with a large spoon, soaked with 1000 ml of water filter water;
    5, 500 ml of water filter water, wash the melon cup, pour 150 ml of frozen sugar water 150 ml in water , Cover the refrigerator in the refrigerator;
    6, pick the melon picked out of the seeds and continue to soak;
    7, peel the apple and Sydney, cut off the two ends, remove the nucleus, use 1000 ml of filter water 1000 ml, Soak;
    8, remove the frozen melon cup, pour into all the fruit, add melon cup lid, and then get it in the refrigerator for half an hour to eat it. Broadweed is most suitable for relieving the heat in the hot summer, and the practice of watermelon popsicles is particularly simple. Peel the watermelon, cut the melon meat, add a small amount of water and stir into a watermelon juice. After filtering, pour it into the mold, put it in the refrigerator for half an hour to remove it.

    The watermelon can not be prepared into watermelon planing ice

    Although watermelon planing ice is also ice dessert, because many other delicious seasonings are added during the production process, and the taste of broken ice ice is added , To taste more layered. It is not difficult to make watermelon shaving. As long as the watermelon, yogurt, juice are made, then cold ice and ice, and digging into a fine small frisper with a spoon.

    The watermelon can not be prepared into a watermelon salad 1. Cucumber slices.

    2, watermelon type.

    3, sprinkle a little white sugar

  3. Squeeze the watermelon into the juice and add the white jelly to make a soft and tender watermelon ice powder, put it in a cool and sweet wine, embellish the crispy dried fruits, the aroma rose petals, a bowl of heat and heat, appetizing and refreshing Watermelon wine is made of ice powder. Eat a bowl when it is hot, and the hot and hot disappearance disappeared without a trace!

    300 grams of watermelon juice
    200 grams of clear water
    20 grams of white jelly
    dry roses
    50 grams of wine brewed wine brewed wine brewed
    The peanuts are 10 grams
    The a little white sesame
    production method
    1, watermelon cut into a mixer to squeeze into juice.

    2, filter it twice with a filter, and filter out the fruit residue.

    3, add 200 grams of water to boil in the pot, pour in white jelly, stir well, and boil.

    4. Pour the cooked white jelly solution into the watermelon juice and stir well. Pour into the bowl, let go slightly, and put it in the refrigerator to refrigerate.

    5. Cut the prepared watermelon into pieces, put in wine, white sesame, peanuts, raisins, dried rose petals to eliminate summer snacks.

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