5 thoughts on “What is good to give men?”

  1. It is better to send men's nourishing products, pens, cups, ties, watches, and lighters. Let's introduce it below. First, because business men are relatively hard, if the conditions are allowed, they will be sent to some nourishing products such as Cordyceps sinensis, high -end wolfberry (such as Dajianqi). Second, whether the pen is a notes in daily life or the needs of the work at work, the pen has always been a very practical gift, especially for men at high levels of jobs. It is a good pen. You can also see your connotation by sending a pen, which makes people feel that you are a person who knows it. Third, when the water cup is selected, you should try to choose a beautiful one as much as possible. You can choose a simple and elegant ceramic cup, or you can choose a high -end and durable insulation cup. At the same time, don't forget some small accessories that give up the water cup, such as lane rope, cup set, cup brush, etc. to make these details, which will make men feel that you are a very careful person, and you will also feel that the gifts you give are also the same. Very careful. Fourth, many men will dress themselves carefully and give others a good appearance, so they will pay great attention to dressing, especially in the collar, sometimes it is difficult to choose a tie they like, so it is said that men's gifts can Select a tie for them. Try to find the style of the tie to find some versatile styles, so that men do not need to think of clothes with clothes. Fifth, watch gifts to men can help them better plan time and develop a good work and rest habit. There are also many men in life who pay attention to time. They are accustomed to wearing watches. If they send men's watches, he will wear watches sent by others on his hands and will respect this gift very much. Fifth, the lighter sends a man a lighter, don't let men use that cheap disposable lighter, use matchmaking to use a one -time lighter to taste. Different lighters can reflect different tastes.

  2. If it is a more stinky man, it is a good choice to give him a men's cleaning suit or male skin care products for gifts.
    If you are a more real friend, send the watch belt or the like, or ask him to eat a big meal as a gift.
    It those who like sports will give him gift -related gifts;
    It those who like music will give him the original CD or set, the same reason for the movie; All right.
    Sugs sometimes need to regulate emotions, so you can consider sending a music box. The cool sound can be ups and downs, relieve emotions, and avoid being moldy in the heart, but it must be thicker. The same.

  3. Generally speaking, gifts given to boys should pay attention to practicality. You can send some things such as watches, headphones, etc. At the same time, you can also show your concern to him. If you are just ordinary friends, you can’t Give people misunderstandings, you can send small things, and you can usually use it well.

  4. What is the show men's gift? If you are your boyfriend, you have even thought that you will be the object of marriage between you in the future, then you should send a little more valuable to say that the watch is a tie. You are at home, wait, these gifts are better because of fashion. For example, when you send your watch, when he watches your watch every day, she will think of it, and he has been thinking of you in his heart. So I am best for sending watches. If the ordinary colleague, the male colleague is not your boyfriend, then you need to see how deep your friendship is, and then choose a gift.

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