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  1. 12 constellations and crystal
    ★ Aquarius Aquarius (January 20th-February 19)
    Is of lucky gems: Tourmaline. Lushi
    Love view: Thoughts are extremely progressive, have vision, ignore it, ignore it The general vision of the world is the same.
    The stone of peach blossoms: amethyst, protein stones, and greenite will make Aquarius the emotional desire.
    Constellation Guardian Stone: red patterns, rubies, pink crystals;
    Various aids:

    · Basic transportation:
    · love Assistance: purple crystal;
    · Fortune help transportation: blonde crystal;
    · Healthy transport: black agate;
    · Interpersonal transportation: Pink crystal; N · Career transportation: Yingshi;
    · Family transportation and transportation: pink crystal;
    · Learning transportation transport: red and green treasure;
    n mecanite: Genius -type constellations must be equipped with a talented crystal. The protein stones can make the creativity of the water bottle to the extreme.
    Green ghost: The water bottle that is prone to problems in the heart circulation system requires the green ghost to strengthen the heart.
    seee: Also known as wish stone, has great implementation power to help the wish to achieve and improve interpersonal relationships. Red and green tourmaline also gathered in the development of wealth and rich. It helps blood circulation joint problems is a healthy crystal. It can absorb and eliminate negative energy, enhance human vitality, physical strength, and overall vitality. It is the representative gem of healthy and longevity.
    B obsses: Because the water bottle attaches great importance to the improvement of the spiritual level, the amethyst and obsidian can help the water bottle to do this.
    ★ Pisces PISCES (February 20th-March 20)
    In lucky gems: pink crystal, garnet
    love concept: Pisces is rich in relationship, likes to pursue Romitic love, so it can be for it Love reveals true feelings.
    The stone of peach blossoms: blue real stones such as sea blue treasures and protein stones can calm the mind and relieve the anxiety of love.
    Constellation Guardian Stone: amethyst, tourmaline, moonlight stone, agate;
    Various transportation:

    · Love to help transportation: agate;
    · Fortune help transportation: yellow crystal;
    · Health help: Yingshi;
    · Interpersonal transportation: purple crystal; r; r; r; r; r; r; r; r; r; r; n · Career transportation and transportation: red pattern;
    · Family transportation and transportation: agate;
    · Learning transportation transport: bloodstone; r
    : The weak Pisces requires the protection of the sea blue treasure, gives courage, and can stabilize emotions.
    Pink crystals: The gem that can develop heart wheels to promote emotional developments can help pursue love, grasp love, and enjoy love gems. Assist in improving interpersonal relationships, enhanced popularity, and recruiting business, and the best weapon for the service industry to open the door to do business.
    olives: Pisces have neurosis problems. Olives can alleviate nerves and stabilize emotions.
    Trame: The fish are easy to concentrate and insomnia. The amethyst can help people concentrate and give people a good sleep quality. Therefore, for candidates, amethyst is also a must -have instrument.
    ★ Aries (Sheepa) ARIES (March 21-April 10)
    Is lucky gem: red hair crystal. Purple yellow crystal
    Love view of love: born enthusiastic and vibrant Aries Women often go all out for love.
    The stone of peach blossoms: If you want to enhance the sensitivity to love, the heart window of the person's favorite object should be equipped with white real stone such as white crystal, garnet, amethyst, amber and blue crystal.
    Constellation guardian: Tourmaline, amethyst, garnet;
    Various aids:

    · Basic Assistance: Agate;
    · Love Assistance Transport Object: Fire Antica;
    · Fortune help transportation: yellow crystal;
    · Healthy transportation objects: amethyst;
    · Interpersonal transportation: purple crystal;
    · n · n · n · n · n · n · n · n · n · n · n · n Career transportation and transportation: Lushim Stone;
    · Family transportation and transportation: pink crystal;
    · Learning transportation transport: Yingshi; r
    red hair crystal: except for except Red is the lucky color of sheep, and red hair crystals can also improve internal organs.
    The yellow crystal: For the horizontal collision, the irritable and irritable Aries, it is indispensable to use the yellow crystal to calm down the mood.
    Trame: symbolize intelligence and wealth. In other words, it has the dual effects of amethyst and yellow crystals; it can strengthen the sixth sense. It has the role of resolving villains. It has the function of adjusting two extreme energy, and is most suitable for communication gems between partnership, the elevation of the chief, couple, and husband and wife.
    Turkish stone: In addition to soothing emotions, it is also helpful for headache and eye diseases.
    ★ Taurus Taurus (April 20th-May 20th)
    Chat gem: Green Ghost. Tiger Eye Stone
    How much to pick up the Taurus dominated by the love god Venus Passionate love experience. The cute tone and the face that always with a smile is greatly attracted to the opposite sex.
    The stone of peach blossoms: dark green real stones such as green crystal, emerald, greenite and sea blue gem can increase their understanding, making you more clear about your lovers.
    Constellation Guardian Stone: Stry Crystal, Hailan Treasure;
    Various aids:

    · Basic help transportation: red pattern;
    · love help transportation Object: Red and turquoise;
    · Fortune help transportation: yellow crystal;
    · Health help: tiger eye stone;
    · Interpersonal transportation: Green ghost; r r r r r r r r
    · Career transportation and transportation: Lushimite;
    · Family transportation and transportation: pink crystal;
    · Learning transportation transport: blonde crystal; r
    Green ghost: The diligent Taurus requires the green ghost to bring the cows to the wealth from hard work.
    Huang Yu: Improve the ability of late Niuer.
    The safftage: Niuer often has pain in the throat, and Hailan Treasure can be improved.
    The tiger eye stone: Due to the slight worry of golden cows, tiger eye stones can bring strong vitality.
    ★ Gemini Gemini (May 21-June 21)
    In lucky gem: Cycs. Pearl
    Love views: Fluent and agile Gemini can easily attract the opposite sex between conversations. Notice.
    The stone of peach blossoms: yellow real stone such as yellow jade, yellow agate, yellow crystal, etc. can strengthen personal confidence and self -energy, love luck will be incredible!
    Constellation guardian: Hailan treasure, Yingshi, yellow crystal, yellow jade;
    Various aids:

    · Love to help transportation: pink crystal;
    · Fortune help transportation: yellow crystal;
    · Health help: yellow jade;
    · Interpersonal operation: agate;
    · Career transportation: Agate;
    · Family transportation and transportation: pink crystal;
    · Learning transportation transport: purple crystal; r
    Agate: obvious dual double Personal Gemini requires agate to relieve stress and tension and relax.
    Peacocks: All help to diseases related to nervous or central nervous system.
    Ilain: Help improve the official disease of the respiratory device.
    This: It is a matter of reason, strengthening personal confidence, gathering wealth, and wealth, often bringing accidental wealth, which is the crystal of wealth. It helps the mood and mood to be gentle, and teach people to step by step. Strengthen the liver and gastrointestinal and digestive organs, and treat the stomach cold.
    ★ Cancer CANCER (June 22-July 22)
    Chat gem: white crystal. Red agate
    Love view: Cancer's personality is mild and strongly protected, in terms of love, in terms of love, in terms of love, in terms of love, in terms of love, in terms of love The performance is unrestrained, and the other party is completely tolerant.
    The stone of peach blossoms: Light red rose stones and protein stones in the real stone can strengthen the fate.
    Constellation Guardian Stone: Agate, Green Meteorite, Moon Stone;
    Various help transports:

    · Basic help transport:
    · love assistance Fortune: Pink crystal;
    · Fortune help transportation: agate;
    · Health help transportation:
    · Interpersonal transportation: red pattern stone;
    · Career transportation and transportation: red and turquoise;
    · Family transportation and transportation: amethyst;
    · Learning transportation transport: Yingshi; r
    The lack of security and emotional crabs requires the power of the amethyst to stabilize the emotions.
    This: Diseases of the stomach and liver are common problems with Cancer, while yellow crystals can effectively improve problems in this area.
    Fan crystals: Cancer with weak social ability, pink crystal can effectively enhance the popularity of crabs.
    The white crystal: the function of focusing, concentrated, and expanding memory. It is a complex of all energy, called Jing Wang. It is a town house, wicked evil, blocking the brakes, purifying the whole body, removing the sickness, and running a good luck.
    The red agate: It is one of the most effective gems (such as: digestive system, stomach pain), which can balance positive and negative energy and eliminate mental tension and pressure. Maintaining physical and mental harmony, enhancing love, loyalty, and courage can promote prosperity, happiness and longevity, and have the effects of protecting safety.
    Mattonestone: Due to the rich imagination of Cancer, the protein stones can make these imagination function, so that the crabs' imagination is not only imagination.
    ★ Leo LEO (July 23-August 22)
    Chat gems: hair crystal. olive olive
    Love concept: Leo's characteristics are strong self-esteem, honesty, very good for the opposite sex, very good for the opposite sex For the initiative, there are many Roman history.
    This of peach blossoms: Light green real stone such as olives and Yaobing can greatly enhance love.
    Constellation guardians: tourmaline, garnet, yellow crystal, ruby, moonstone;
    The various aids:

    n · Love to help transportation: Yingshi;
    · Fortune help transportation: yellow crystal;
    · Health transportation: yellow crystal;
    · Interpersonal transportation, permethyl ;
    · Career transportation: Red and turbulent;
    · Family transportation and transportation: Lushimite;
    nPatsstone: Make the talent of the lion effectively, and make the results constructive.
    Iladesome: Lions are susceptible to hypertension, and obscends rocks are used to reduce blood pressure.
    hair crystal: have strong energy, can strengthen momentum, bring positive and strong attempts, energy, courage, strengthen a person's confidence and decisive force, can bring courage, help people project authoritative energy energy It helps the implementation and enforcement of leaders' commands.
    olives: help to relieve tension, make people feel refreshed, and more harmonious with the outside world.
    Huang Yu: Because the lion belongs to a blessing constitution, Huang Yu has a certain function of eliminating fat.
    ★ Virgo Virgo (August 23-September 22)
    Chat gems: green hair crystal. Blue agate n love concept of love: virgin girl, humorous talk every time Make the other half intoxication.
    The stone of peach blossoms: yellow real stone such as sapphire and amber can increase wisdom, making your love luck rise.
    Constellation Guardian Stone: Yellow Crystal, Hailan Treasure, Red and Emeplood;
    Various help transports:

    · Basic assistant: pink crystal;
    · n · n · n · n · n · n · n · n · n · n · n · n · n · n · N · Love to help transportation: red and turquoise;
    · Fortune help transportation: yellow crystal;
    · Health transportation: yellow crystals;
    R n · Career transportation: Tiger Eye Stone;
    · Home Transportation Factory: Lushim Stone;
    Australian jade: Virgo people are more introverted and timid. Australian jade gives people courage, making people lively and generous.
    The white hair crystal: Virgo is prone to nervous nervousness, which can effectively help alleviate their moods.
    Blue agate: It can give full play to the power of the king, so that the incident is easy to reach an agreement.
    It green hair crystals: the main fortune of the fortune, increasing the career, and improving the fortune.
    The amethyst: Due to the weakness of the Virgo's intuition and the weak creativity, the amethyst can improve people's creativity and intuition.
    I. This is different from the protein stones. The protein stones can help people with imagination and creativity can effectively exert their effects, while themethyst is a person with weak creativity.
    ★ Libra libra (September 23-October 22)
    Chat gem: blonde crystal. Green agate
    Love view: Libra person's elegant temperament, artistic temperament, emotional life also as well Special pick.
    The stone of peach blossoms: colorful real stones such as meltstone and rubies all improve the soft nature of Libra women and strengthen their popularity.
    Constellation guardian: Green meteorite, tourmaline, sea blue treasure, amethyst;
    Various aids:

    · Basic transportation: red pattern stone;
    · Love to help transportation: Yingshi;
    · Fortune help transportation: agate;
    · Healthy transportation: black agate;
    · Interpersonal transportation: powder crystal;
    · Career transportation and transportation: red patterns;
    · Family transportation and transportation: pink crystal;
    · Learning transportation transport: purple crystal;

    Portal stones: Libra people are born with excellent understanding ability and artistic monitoring ability. Mattopes can help Libra to maximize these advantages.
    Chong hair crystal: strengthening wealth, renovation, blocking the power, giving people a positive and vigorous attempt, energy, and courage.
    B obsses: Libra's body is poorly resistant, and they can block the sickness for Libra.
    Msome: Libra's endurance and patience are poor, and the garnet is a crystal that gives people more patience.
    ★ Scorpio SCORPIO (October 23-November 22)
    Is of lucky gems: titanium crystal. The love of lovers, and most of the objects of my favorite are selected by intuition.
    The stone of peach blossoms: yellow crystal and garnet help to emit the hidden sexy charm of Scorpio.
    Constellation Guardian Stone: Tourmaline, Moon Stone, Garnet;
    Various help transportation:

    · Basic help of transportation: Black agate;
    · love assistance Fortune: Red and turquoise;
    · Fortune help transportation: yellow crystal;
    · health aid: agate;
    · Interpersonal transportation: pink crystal;
    · Career transportation: Yingshi;
    · Family transportation and transportation: pink crystal;
    · Learning transportation transport: purple crystal;
    n yellow jade: Scorpio: Scorpio: Scorpio's Sadness, Huang Yu needs to make his mood improve.
    The red hair crystal: It is effective in the diseases of the reproductive organs, and dark red is also the lucky color of the scorpion.
    Titanic crystal: Titanium crystals are also the most powerful in the hair crystal group, often symbolizing auspiciousness, wealth, and blessing like gods and Buddhas. Generally, titanium crystals have six main energy, main wealth, partial wealth, popularity, avoiding evil, health, and preventing villains.
    The blue treasure: The official disease that can improve the suction.
    ★ Renma seat (Sagittarius) (November 23-December 22)
    Is of lucky gems: purple crystal. Green pine
    love concept: Sagittarius with straight open rate, even the first meeting It is also easy to get a good impression of the opposite sex.
    The stone of peach blossoms: The real stone of the sky, such as sea blue treasures, blue crystals, and amethyst, can bring you some love assistance.
    Constellation Guardian Stone: ruby, amethyst, pink crystal, tourmaline;
    Various transportation:

    · Basic help transportation: agate;
    · love Assistance: purple crystal;
    · Fortune help transportation: yellow crystal;
    · Health transportation: red pattern;
    · Interpersonal transportation: pink crystal; r; r; r; r; r; r; r; r; r; r; r; n · Career transportation: Tiger Eye Stone;
    · Home Transportation Factory: Lushim Stone;
    · Learning Fun Yunnan: Agate;

    olives : Can improve liver diseases that are susceptible to Sagittarius.
    The blue treasure: It has a certain effect on the respiratory disease.
    The amethyst: develop intelligent, stable emotions, improve intuition, help thinking, concentrate, increase memory ability, enhance interpersonal relationships, and give people courage and strength.
    Turkish stone: Sagittarius people usually have no patience, and they are a bit reckless. Turkish stone can calm people and make the shooter more patient.
    ★ Capricorn (December 23-January 19)
    Caping gems: Tea Crystal. Black agate n Expressing love with action or language, and conservative personality makes you dare not show your favorite objects, so it is easy to be led by your opponent.
    The stone of peach blossoms: dark red real stone such as red agate and garnet can enhance self -confidence and expression ability, so that you have handy when facing the opposite sex.
    Constellation Guardian Stone: garnet, sea blue treasure, amethyst, tourmaline;
    Various aids:

    · Basic help transportation: amethyst;
    · Love to help transportation: pink crystal;
    · Fortune help transportation: yellow crystal;
    · Health help: tiger eye stones;
    · Interpersonal transportation campaign: powder crystal;
    · Career transportation and transportation: Red and turbulent;
    · Family transportation and transportation: red pattern;
    nMsome: The slightly rigid Capricorn requires the vitality and taste of the garnet.
    Australian jade: Capricorn is introverted and a little worried. Australian jade can make people feel happy and happy.
    The tea crystal: Promote the development of regeneration capabilities, make the wound heal faster, improve immunity, activate cells, restore youth, and have the effects of returning to old child. It can help transaction analysis and mastery ability, and improve the taste. Especially absorbing turbid air, the best effect of avoiding evil.
    Black agate: It can stimulate courage and bring confidence to make people brave; do things that can always be implemented, and be able to adhere to the principles; it can also strengthen the physical vitality, suitable for wearing frail and sick, or just recovered.
    Pink crystal: Capricorn's pioneering, rounding, optimism, and social nature are weak, and the pink crystal can make up for these shortcomings.

    Crystal and zodiac signs
    Xiao Rat
    The personality is frank and honest, but because of too friendly actions, people often feel restrained. Being cheerful, happy and good at communication, care about friends, at the same time you are also a perfect lover who uses a sense of affection, and the innocence of emotions rarely has evil.
    Is lucky crystals: amethyst, green ghost, amber.
    Is lucky color: gold, white, pink, purple.
    Xiao Niu
    The personality, stubbornness, prejudice, clever, smart, methodical, and traditional conceptual concept. If you have a warm heart, you will always feel that love is like a transaction, and how many feelings you should get, you should get a return.
    Chat crystals: yellow crystal, amethyst, amber.
    Is lucky color: red, orange, yellow, purple.
    Xiao Hu
    The character is enthusiastic, bold, honest, tender, generous, indecisive, rich, full of emotions and wonderful humor. It has an attractive and unknowing ability to follow. Because you are rich in feelings, sometimes too enthusiastic and easy to eat, but you are intoxicated by yourself.
    Chat crystal: tiger eye stone, yellow crystal, amber.
    Is lucky color: green, blue, light yellow.
    Xiao Rabbit
    The personality is good to learn, kindness, elegant, kind and loving, if others are not too angry, you will never be angry easily. In fact, your dependence is very large and often feels fragile. And your love for your family will also get a response from your family, because your family will love you very much.
    Chat crystal: red pattern, blonde crystal.
    Is lucky color: black, green, blue.
    Xiao Long
    has a magnificent personality, full of anger and strength. I like self -centered and demanding, and I have established ideals in my life. It is an idealist and requires everything to be perfect. You are confident, enthusiastic, generous, like to challenge high difficulty, rarely take the initiative to love others, rarely worry about love issues, in most cases abandon others, rarely abandon.
    Is lucky crystals: red patterns, pink crystals, amber.
    Is lucky color: orange, pink.
    Xiao snake
    has the most incredible personality. It has natural wisdom and mystery and is a thorough enjoymentist. Passion and caution are one of their personality. You are jealous. It seems that after the emotion is broken, you no longer love each other, but you must also occupy each other; you have a very heavy family concept, who often uses the family of the family and ask for a partner. You must respect you with your children.
    Chat crystals: amethyst, pink crystal.
    Is lucky color: pink, green, purple.
    is cheerful, agile, dressed, good at rhetoric, insightful power, and I do. Because your sweet tongue is slippery and compassionate, it is very popular with the opposite sex, especially on the road of love. On the contrary, if you are in love, you will perform enthusiasm, but you have no patience, and sometimes you do n’t even know how to please the opposite sex.
    Chat crystal: white crystal, agate.
    Is lucky color: red, white.
    Xiao sheep
    has an integrity, kindness, compassion, shyness, cleverness, and peace. Because your willpower is weak, it is often easy to be tempted by emotion, forming a very dependence, and unconsciously in a passive position in love.
    Is lucky crystals: tourmaline, white crystal.
    Is lucky color: yellow, brown, light red.
    Xiao Monkey
    The personality is enthusiastic, clever, brave, agile, randomly respond to things, meticulous, and not vulnerable to people; because of savvy things, it will not be abandoned halfway, so it will be respected by colleagues. Passionate personality makes you easy to fall.
    Chat crystal: pink crystal, yellow crystal.
    Is lucky color: black, brown, light yellow.
    Xiao chicken
    The personality is conservative and serious; love chatting, insight, insight and look at the color, be straightforward, decisive in the event, but slightly so hot. There are twists and turns on the road of love, and they will do what they love do not want to do.
    Chat crystal: pink crystal, hair crystal.
    Is lucky color: gold, silver, beige.
    Xiao Dog
    has a sense of integrity, honesty, straightforwardness, full of justice; and personal talents, responsibility, loyalty, and trust, and trust the people around them. In introverted, refusing to express your feelings, this will bring a lot of troubles.
    Chat crystals: amethyst, tourmaline.
    Is lucky color: red, brown.
    Xiao Zhu
    The personality is calm, resolute, kind, simple, loyal, and passionate; when facing difficulties, you will not shrink back, you will not be afraid of hardships to bear difficult things; and on the road of love, it is a love. Those who use their emotions.
    Chat crystal: agate, yellow crystal.
    Is lucky color: black, white, gold.

    It the mysterious veil of the birthday stone
    gems in different months
    It in the history of the West. Greek philosophers have praised gems, so the history of the month should be calculated to 4,000 years or earlier.
    The Polish people generally have strong religious sentiments.
    The birthday stone of the Polish is as follows:

    In January Garnet: Eternal symbol.
    February amethyst: sincere symbol.
    March bloodstone: symbol of courage.
    April diamond: a symbol of pure.
    If Mayion: The symbol of love permanent.
    June Agate: Symbol of Health and Longevity.
    This red chalcedony: a symbol of Ruyi.
    The August tattoo agate (red and white stripes): a symbol of two loves.
    The September expensive coconut ion: The symbol of not invading the evil.
    October Obuba: The symbol of hope.
    November Huang Yu: The symbol of loyalty.
    December Matsushi: The symbol of prosperity.

    In addition to the above symbols, each birthday stone represents a special cosmic energy, which has a certain connection with the human body and outside. Cultivation.
    This patron saint
    The birthday stone of the other group is mainly based on the Bible's appointment. In other words, the twelve patron saint is the source of mysterious power.
    The birthday stone of this group is similar to the Polish, but it is replaced with water sapphire in March, pearls in June, ruby ​​on July, and corals in August and September to sapphire.
    It birthday stones are best inlaid into rings and wear no finger on the left hand; in addition to hammer, hanging chests, it is also a good idea. Some people like to use dark gems on the waist and use well, long -guarantee vitality and vigor.
    It wearing jewelry has knowledge, do not understand the mystery, and waste the beautiful heart of creating gems in the sky. All gems should be cleaned, entered the process of information and love. Even if you don't understand anything, at least you have to love it!
    The gems of different constellations
    In addition, the constellation and crystal are also hung on the relationship. The crystal is affected by the moon's deepening power. At the same time, the nine planets have also become the power source of many gems on the planet. The knowledge here is extremely complicated. It is explained that it is necessary to spend a lot of space. As long as everyone understands that the twelve constellations of the Twelve Twelve Palace, each constellation has a protective star, which strongly affects the people born here.
    The power of this guardian star is reflected by the twelve gems on the earth. Constellation stone is also a protective stone, the principle is here.
    The following is the representative stone of the Zodiac Twelve Palace:

    The first house is Aries (March 21 to April 20).
    The second house is Taurus (April 21 to May 21).
    The third house is Gemini (May 22 to June 22).
    The fourth house is Cancer (June 23 to July 22).
    The fifth house is Leo (July 23rd to August 22nd).
    The sixth house is Virgo (August 23rd to September 23rd) represents stone: diamond.
    The seventh house is Libra (September 24th to October 23).
    The eighth house is Scorpio (October 24 to November 22).
    The ninth house is a man (November 23 to December 21).
    The tenth house is a goat (December 22 to January 20).
    The eleventh house is Aquarius (January 21 to February 18).
    The last house is Pisces (February 19th to March 20th).

    The gemstones are wearing a long history. The ancients re -connected themselves with the cosmic consciousness through different gems. Some for the reputation and wealth of power, some for health and happiness, and some for high -level spiritual development. In any case, they deeply understand that this small piece of ornament is not only beautiful in appearance, but also contains powerful magical power.

  2. The recognized crystals of love such as: pink crystal (increasing humanity, flexible temperament), red pattern (add honey transport, healing love), amethyst (guardian feelings). But people who are furious or rotten peach blossoms should also cooperate with the corresponding auxiliary crystals. For example, the amethyst is a better crystal with pink crystal, which can increase emotional luck, but also enhance spiritual wisdom, and avoid rotten peach blossoms. The way of rationality and perceptual coordination will be smoother.
    Men men to recruit peach blossoms by wearing lucky mascots.
    It is to directly wear recruiting peach blossom crystal bracelets. The effect of the pink crystal in the peach blossom crystal is the best, but the men's wear is not in line with their own temperament and temperament, and it does not play its original role. Therefore, men can wear amethyst to recruit peach blossoms. The amethyst bracelet helps the wearer to improve his personal temperament and peach blossoms;
    The other way is to reduce rotten peach blossoms. By wearing obsidian bracelets, not only will increase the masculinity of men, but it can also eliminate the impact of negative energy and help men discover Inner courage, eliminate adverse effects, reduce the chance of rotten peach blossoms, thereby improving the quality of peach blossoms.

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