Household PV construction guide, what is the preparation work before installation?

Photovoltaic has gradually in-depth into everyone's life, especially after a period of power limit storm, but also a lot of friends private message me, want to know how to build a household photovoltaic power station? So today the whole network of the most complete construction guide, step by step and we speak clearly! Friends in need, look at me! The first is to share with you, want to build a household photovoltaic. What should be done in the early preparation work?

In order to make it easier for you to understand, I will be through the way of question and answer. You asked the most questions listed, targeted reply, how not to answer the question you want to ask, welcome to leave a comment area, I again reply oh!

Who should a household call first to install a photovoltaic power plant?

The first step is to consult the local power grid company to understand the precautions before installation. Why is it recommended to consult your local power grid company? Because different regions have different requirements and even restrictions, we can not give a unified standard, so consulting the local power grid company is the most secure! At the same time, you can also communicate with the local photovoltaic equipment dealers to understand the price, way and installation of photovoltaic cable for equipment purchase.



Grid connection for the record, and what materials need to be prepared?

Before installing household PV, we need to go to the local power grid company to fill in the grid-connection application form first, because the project filing is currently initiated by the power grid company on behalf of the customer. You only need to prepare the following materials:

Applicant's valid identification: Resident ID card (or temporary ID card), household register, or any other valid identification.
Power station address ownership certificate: including housing property ownership certificate, purchase contract, or land use certificate issued by the township and above government departments. This is very important. If this step is missing, it is likely that your photovoltaic power station will eventually become an illegal building and will be required to be dismantled by the relevant agencies!

Other materials are required by the local power grid company in accordance with relevant regulations. This is what I said before. Different places have different regulations, but no matter what regulations, everyone, according to the requirements to provide relevant data, deals with relevant procedures.

Generally speaking, it is relatively simple, the materials are ready, the procedures are complete, you can start the next step of the grid for the record. Speaking of here, we must not take it lightly, feel grid registration seems to be the power company's thing, there are still a lot of details, we need to pay attention to!


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