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  1. nipple piercing jewelry wholesale The use of small tricks
    Smail uses small tricks, we usually lose a lot of things in life, some of which can be used, some things that can be used can be used in other ways. The way to turn waste into treasure helps the development of low -carbon life. Here are some small tricks to use some waste.
    Smail uses small tricks 1 socks to become treasure
    Nowadays, we are full of floor bricks in our house, with wood and porcelain. There must be a table and stool at home. Generally, adults move them when they use these things, but children are different. When they can't move, they will be pulled. At this time, the table legs and flooring will be friction. The harsh sound, even more, the floor will slip out of scars; at this time, we can cut the socks that do not wear at home, each socks into 2 sections, sew, the sleeve table and stool legs, so Sentences will not make harsh sounds, and the table legs are also well protected.
    Seking stockings into marijuana
    The women's stockings will be thrown away for a while, and don't waste it in the future. Do we all have stored garlic in our house! If the long -term storage is not good, is it easy to break, it is a pity that it is a pity! We can put garlic into the stockings and let the back hang in the courtyard. When we want to eat garlic, cut one from the bottom, and then tie it. It is particularly convenient to use it like this! And so that the garlic leaves will not rot, and they will not be insects. Stockings are breathable.
    Stime use of small tricks 2 gift bags into storage bags
    It is a gift bag throwing everywhere at home. Organize them into a storage bag. Do you often find small things at home! Obviously I saw it just now, but in a blink of an eye, I just didn't know where to go! Modify the gift bag into a storage bag, and the small things in the family are classified and stored. You do n’t have to worry about finding things. When you use it, take it in the bag and put it in. Oh! To do a few more, you can put one door at the door, specially put the key (car key, their keys); you do n’t have to find the key to put it when you go out! Each room is made of a storage bag. You can put the socks, underwear, etc. living in this room, and the classification is well stained, so that the family is also clean! It is very convenient to find things every day; that is, the economy is used, hurry home and make one!
    Sdust head becomes a treasure
    So soap is inseparable from our lives. Both hands and laundry must be used. Head, throw it! You can use it again! Too small! It's inconvenient to use it, it's troublesome! Everyone can collect such soap heads in the future. Wrap it with a mask and put it in the toilet, so that the toilet will no longer have a odor, and the toilet is still very clean; does the clothes stored in the cabinet have a bad taste? Put the soap head and hang it on the clothes cabinet and clothes. In this way, the clothes taken out of the cabinet are all fragrant. It is no longer a taste of oil and difficult to smell. Is it easy to turn waste into treasure?

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