tween jewelry wholesale Which professors of the University of Electronic Science and Technology have to go to get rid of?

tween jewelry wholesale Many teachers are the forefront of the industry. They are worth listening to classes. They can gain a lot of knowledge from them and broaden their horizons.

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  1. wholesale jewelry paris A strong answer, the master's undergraduate is studying
    has stayed in the Department of Electronic Science and Technology for so long, and has also taken a lot of teachers and professors. Some of them impressed me very deeply. How deep? When my brother came to ask me, I would recommend the teacher.
    Xiao Yangao
    The deputy dean and associate professor of the School of Economics and Management of the University of Electronic Science and Technology, executive director of the Sichuan Intellectual Property Research Association.
    I. I have taken the course of Teacher Xiao's "Intellectual Property Management". It can be said that it is my favorite course. Teacher Xiao was humorous and funny in class. For example, the lectures are vivid and specific, which has expanded many extra-curricular knowledge-patent warfare, Qualcomm and Huawei, BYD patent crisis, etc., which has benefited us. Teacher Xiao will also explain the wonderful cases he encountered in his lawyer's career, bringing him his own experience into the classroom.
    strongly recommended! Intersection Intersection
    Zhan Jinyu
    Goddess Zhan, listening to her lecture is enjoying, provided that you have to be blessed and enjoyable. Teacher Zhan talked about "Digital Logic". Teacher Zhan's thinking is very fast. If you don't pay attention, you don't know where she said. After asking the classmates, a little thought, she could answer quickly. If you do n’t understand, find her after class, she will also give you a detailed explanation. Don't be so good! Intersection (Give it high !!!)
    3, Liu Bisen
    "Do you know the answer of life" , Take you to find the answer to life (laughs)
    In general, there are really a lot of good teachers in Chengdian. Students who usually do nothing can go to class ~

  2. wholesale beaded jewelry from china As a power -based person, I deeply feel that there are many excellent teachers in our school. Electronics University of Science and Technology is a science and engineering school. In addition to some basic public courses, the professional courses of each college are also very rich. Here I will mainly introduce those particularly popular teachers.
    The first first was Professor Wu Mianjian of the Marxist Academy. When he was in his sophomore year, he gave me a party lesson taught, which completely changed my understanding of the party lesson. His classroom is very lively. The golden sentences are frequently out. If you do not set up a shelf, you can make students interested in the lessons he said, and let you follow his thoughts.
    I is associate Professor Ling Dan of the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. When he was in college, he chose two small class teaching courses of Teacher Ling. In addition to the teacher's lectures, various small competitions and small gifts can allow them to allow them You are devoted to your body and mind, making you feel that the university has not read in vain.
    The third place is Professor Yang Hongchun of the School of Physics. I have not gone to his class, but listening to others said that the lessons he said is particularly good, and it will also expand many extra -curricular knowledge. Legend has it that he proposed the "Popular Movement", which continued to increase the rate of physics curriculum in a university, and surprised countless students.
    The fourth place is associate Professor Cui Hongling of the Institute of Electronics. Teacher Cui is the goddess in the eyes of the students. When I was studying in her class, she was still her little brother! It is not surprising that the students are so beautiful, and they are super serious and responsible for students.
    The teachers of the Department of Electronic University of Science and Technology are very serious and responsible. In the classroom, there are teachers and students. The class is friends.
    Thank you for reading, I hope to help you.

  3. wholesale jewelry made in korea Hello, I am glad to answer your questions. I am an undergraduate student at the University of Electronic Science and Technology. I have been staying at the University of Science and Technology for more than two years. I also met a lot of big cows and professors. Of course, I have heard and met a few. Many high -level scientific research professors. The residue cannot be exposed. Let me answer your questions on my understanding. (Picture from the Internet)
    First of all, I pushed a professor as Zhou Tao. A very good professor of the computer college made a great data. Every year, the dissertation can get a million income. I have never heard his lecture, but once I invited him to organize a exchange of coffee, I went to hear it and was successfully circled. He spoke very funny, his thoughts followed the trend, and he was very approachable, and he was very enthusiastic about his classmates. Because I am not learning a computer, I do n’t understand a lot of things, but I feel that he is very charming. If I have the opportunity, I want to listen to him again.
    The professor and blog director I like very much is Professor Peng Zhenming. The graduate teacher of the optical engineering of the School of Communications was appointed as "my favorite graduate teacher" last year.
    Students vote, and it can be seen that the teacher was well received in his classmates. I heard that a graduate senior said that his class was very good. In the end, I want to say a lot of classes on HKUST. Of course, except for some very water classes, the lecturers, associate professors, and professors I have encountered are very good. Whether it is academic research or graduate students or undergraduates, When answering our various childish questions, they are very kind, they will not let go, and they will not be mysterious. As long as you listen carefully, each teacher's class is very interesting, and many teachers like to talk about his life and anecdotes in the class.

    The above is some views I wrote according to my personal experience, I hope to help you.

  4. gold jewelry wholesale dealers As a student, I will introduce my well -known public class teacher, which may be the same as the answers of other answers, but they are all teachers who have attended the class and experienced it. Points -Digital
    The Teacher Yu belongs to a very funny teacher. Of course, there are many well -known and funny teachers who teach the micro -accumulation lines, such as the significance of the life of the disadvantages, but I think the impression of Lao Yu is very deep. The class atmosphere is very good, there are many dry goods, and there are many sections, and the balance between the two is well grasped.
    Zhou Yimin -Data Structure and Algorithm ——
    The teacher is a well -known teacher with a person with a personality. Moreover, Mr. Zhou never dragged the church, and he would not continue to say (laughs) even if the sentence has not finished saying. The teacher understands the data structure in depth, absolutely good teacher.
    Gong Yi -Classic Analysis of Human Civilization -Economic Management
    I is the secretary of the Economic Management Institute, very knowledgeable, but I do n’t know that Teacher Gong is still taking this course now? The interpersonal communication that teachers mainly talk about it sounds very simple, but after listening to the teacher's class, I know that there are many knowledge. This kind of course is a course that our science and engineering college (error) school is lacking. I sincerely recommend that you choose it.
    Chai Junwu -Marketing Management: Internet Thinking — Economic Management
    This is the school's public election lesson. The teacher's lecture style is very attractive. The cases of class lectures are very fresh, and they are well known. For example, Ruisin Coffee and Pinduoduo can provide students with an analysis from an academic perspective instead of seeing it on the Internet everyday. Low -quality copywriting. And each lesson is relatively independent, and it is strongly recommended to go.
    Liang Yuan -Principles Economics -Economic Management
    This courses to open the school and give us professional students, so the content of the course is deep. The selected textbook is Mankun's "Principles of Economics", which is simple and easy to understand, and it is also easy to be attracted by class content. The teacher is also a well -known teacher who has been on the newspaper.
    (the teacher is more beautiful)

  5. wholesale fashion jewelry and fashion I have a master's degree in engineering of the University of Electronic Science and Technology. The University of Electronic Science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as: Chengdian) has many outstanding professors and lecturers. Each teacher has its own teaching characteristics. Nearly 40,000 students from Qingshuihe Campus can be said that most of the school professors have gathered. Yu Qingshui River. So I have heard that all professors' courses are impossible. I can only tell you here that some of the outstanding professors I have heard of it are for your reference. The course to teach us is the "Basic Socialist theory with Chinese Characteristics". Such political courses should be very boring, but Teacher Ye’s course has always been full of vitality. Every time he listens to his class, you have to go early. There will be no seats when you go late, you can't sit down! It can be seen that Teacher Ye's charm ~ haha ​​~~ He basically does not look at the courseware in class, knows a lot, and every half of the second half will open up various problems with his classmates, and the teacher's expression is very humorous. Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence
    The teacher Zhang Xu, a professor of culture and art education center, the course to teach us is "Analysis of Symphony Music Music Books". Teacher Zhang can be said to be a celebrity in our school. You can see him, he is very devoted and passionate! Intersection Intersection The full artist's style, the class is also very kind. Remember to ask him the question again after class. He explained to me with a kind smile. So if you are also a person who loves art, be sure to experience the artistic charm of Teacher Zhang in person ~
    Is my answer can help you friends ~~

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