2 thoughts on “That kind of small pet dog is best to raise”

  1. There are many varieties of common domestic small dogs, such as VIPs, Chihuahua, Bear, Yorkshire, Bomei, Xishi Dogs, West Gao Land, etc. are relatively easy to raise. If the family minds the hair loss, you can choose a variety such as VIPs and Bear, because VIPs and Bear are almost non -hair loss.
    usually pays more attention to their diet, not feeding things, and pay more attention not to get sick when seasonal changes and temperature changes. The Cavaliers Charlie King Xiao Huntou will feel cool when you see this name. It seems to be a very cold dog. In fact, the Cavaliers little hunting dog is very gentle, and most of them can become good friends with anyone, and it adapts to the environment. Strong ability, is a relatively ideal domestic dog.
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  2. u003CSTRONG Teddy, Schsthend, etc.
    The Teddy who is not afraid of all over the world kills the first small dogs in various small dogs, of course not because of its high IQ. It is because it is not only cute, but also has the advantages of all good breeding. Smart, not screaming, and not very hair removal, so don't worry too much about hair allergies. Like Test Dogs, like Teddy, is smart, understands, and raises well. Its communication ability is also very high, cheerful and gentle, and can get along well with the elderly and children. It is not often called. The amount of walking is smaller than other small dogs, so you don't need to spend a lot of time to take it. However, the hair of Xi Shi dogs is long, and it should be combed often.
    For large dogs, the amount of hair loss of small dogs is also very small. It is usually very convenient to take care of it, so now urban people prefer raising small dogs.

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