How to judge that puppy is healthy when buying a puppy?

Some puppies die after buying it home. It is really sad. When you buy it, it looks healthy when you buy it, but what simple way can you use to judge that the puppy is healthy?

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  1. 1. Observe whether the personality is sound
    The puppies, no matter what ways to get the puppy or the guidance of the experts, choose the puppy and finally rely on yourself. Relying on

    knowledge and methods you have, rely on you to insight and identify the eyes of good dogs.

    The choice objects are generally two to three months of puppies born. N's adaptability may be poor. Try to use the same batch of puppies as the target of the election, dogs in the same cage are easy to observe and are convenient for each other. Chasing

    The is the most likely to find which puppy responds agile and which puppy can actively counterattack the attack and teasing of other puppies.

    You can also squat down, extend the palm of one palm to the height of the dog's eyes, and call it. If it runs quickly and sniff, or licks your

    , it shows a strong curiosity and exploration desire, basically it can be determined that this puppy is more psychologically. On the contrary, if you say hello, it

    does not care about it, or simply lonely from the group, then this dog is either lonely or sick.

    It dogs grow up when they see people. This kind of dog seems to be full of energy, in fact, most of them are nervous or bold.

    2, observe whether the physical fitness is strong

    After preliminary observation, if you already have the object of intent, you can hold it up and see. It feels more sinking than you think, and the bones are strong.

    The fat dogs are good dogs.

    It the hair of good dogs, no too much wool and lice, the skin is smooth and no eczema, the pupils are shiny, the eyes have no eye shit, the ears are unknowing r
    is too hot, no dirty, nose touch is cool and moist, and there is no rotten fish in the mouth. Opening the dog's mouth can see pink mucous membranes, no light white tongue coating, anal tight

    shrinks, residues after no diarrhea, no diarrhea, residues without diarrhea Traces and so on.

    This to be alert to the puppy's joint development of the femoral joint

    The people often found that the dog stocks bought for a period of time after the puppy bought it for a while. This symptom is a hereditary disease of the dog, manifested as

    The bone bone plate and connected thigh bone development abnormalities. Because this disease has not occurred in two to three months of birth, it is difficult to find puppies when buying puppies. Because of

    , choose the pet shop or breeding venue of those dog cubs with clear calendars, and the dogs they buy are more reliable.

    In other puppies to compare the health status

    In selection, you can touch the puppies' bodies. The dogs who are swollen in the abdomen may be infected with parasites

    insects. When buying dogs, you can hold a few more.

    The puppies with cooler ears and moist noses

    The normal normal dog ears are cool. Smelly is likely to suffer from otitis media.

    If asleep or just wake up, the nose should be cooler and humid.

    looking at its parents, you know what kind of puppies can grow in the future

    Is when buying puppies, it is best to examine the condition of its parents. It can not only predict what it may look like, or you can understand whether there is a defect on genetic

    . Especially when buying at the breeding ground, don’t forget to see the puppies’s parents

  2. See if it is not good -minded, the bow waist humpback
    did you feed it or not do you like to eat
    It is unstable to put it on the ground, see the past legs soft
    to see Do you have hair removal or erythema on your body
    The nose is wet and wet
    This feet are hot and not hot
    tears are not much, is the eyeliner very red ....

  3. Simply put
    Generally buying a puppy outside will not know what the parents are
    just depends on whether the appearance of the puppy is defective
    , Look at the watery

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