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  1. Corgi dog
    It puppies are actually like little babies. They need the owner to take care of it. To raise a healthy puppy, we must first understand puppies, including its diet, daily care, drive Worms, vaccines, etc., so that the owner can be handy in the process of breeding puppies and ensure the healthy growth of puppies.
    . Understanding puppies for puppies
    1. The different stages of puppies development, the growth ability of each body is unbalanced. In the first three months after birth, the body was mainly increased and the weight was increased. From the fourth month to 6 months, the main growth body length was mainly growing. Need nutrients, determine the types and quantities of feed feed. After the puppies are separated from the female dog and enter independent life, in the entire period of growth and development, sufficient and rich protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins are required. Such as food, lean meat, milk, eggs, vegetables, dried fish, bone powder, etc., and to be quantitative regularly.
    2. Preparing for independent foods and pots, pods, collar, and combed brush for puppies alone. It is recommended to use dog cages and dog boxes for puppies. After the puppies have finished drinking the meal box, they must ensure the cleaning of the basin and the basin of the basin.
    3. On the first day of the puppies entering the family, it is recommended not to let it eat. It can be empty for a long time or a day, so that puppies can prevent gastrointestinal discomfort due to changing a new environment.
    . The feeding of puppies
    1.2 ~ March puppies, feed 4 to 5 times a day, each puppy is 200 grams of lean meat, 300 grams of milk, egg 1 egg 1, egg 1 1 One, 250 to 500 grams of rice, 250 to 300 grams of vegetables, 3 to 5 grams of salt, and supplied the appropriate amount of cod liver oil, bone powder, etc. If possible, you can give puppies some cartilage of pigs and cows, but do not feed chicken bones. After August, it can be fed according to the feed diet standard of adult dogs.
    2. The above standards are the amount of large dogs. Other dogs should be determined according to the situation. Generally speaking, after feeding puppies full, there are still remaining foods in the basin of the food, indicating too much food; On the contrary, after the dog eats, he continues to lick the food basin or look at the owner, explaining that the food gives is less and not enough to eat. In addition, the sale of dog foods on the market or pet clinical clinical clinical clinical clinical clinical clinical clinical clinical clinical clinical clinical clinical clinical clinical clinical clinical outpatients are mainly produced by foreign dog food companies. It is a full -cost and balanced nutritional food, feeding this food, and no other food is required. Otherwise, it will disrupt its nutritional balance.

    Corgi dogs
    . Management of puppies breeding
    1. Management is an important factor for puppies to grow and grow. The puppies of 2 to 3 months need to be patient and meticulous, which not only has a great relationship with the puppies' physical development, but also has a direct impact on the normal development of nervous system activities. Therefore, properly leading puppies for exercise and environmental exercise, which has great effects on enhancing the body's bones, muscle tissues, improved the function of internal organs, promoted metabolism, and adapted to different climate and environmental conditions.
    . Puppies should not be too close to other dogs within half a month when they enter the family, so as not to be bitten or infectious. If you go out, try not to go to the grass to prevent the in vitro parasitic infection and stay away from the feces of other animals.
    . The puppies are not recommended to take a bath within a week when they arrive at home. After that, they can usually be once a week. The water temperature is kept at 35 degrees. Pay attention to the body of the dog completely after washing. disease.
    . The puppies breeding
    . puppies less than six months must be deworming regularly every month. If you consume proper weight, please follow the doctor's advice appropriately). After one year of age, dogs can be deworming every six months.
    5. Vaccine breeding of puppies
    This infectious diseases are also harmful to puppies. Foreign abroad has a variety of vaccines and joint vaccines, such as imported dogs six and rabies seedlings. Domestic dog vaccines include dogs five seedlings and dog seven colors. The method of breeding in dog penta seedlings and dog hexae seedlings starts from 50 days after the birth of the dog (related to the vaccine), and the seedlings are injected 3 times in a row for 2 to 3 weeks. It will be strengthened once a year in the future.
    The people who need to remind parents: puppies generally do not urinate consciously. If puppies are found to urinate anywhere, the owner should adopt a tolerance attitude, and then train puppies to urinate in a fixed area. Be patient, I believe that in the next days you get along, it will definitely be very pleasant.

  2. From 5 aspects, I shared with the pets who like dogs, how to feed puppies correctly.

    The diet first, diet

    Is when feeding puppies, be sure to eat less dogs. You can feed it a few times a day. Full, if you feed too much at a time, it is difficult for dogs to digest, and it cannot be absorbed well, and it is also easy to cause gastrointestinal diseases.

    In feeding puppies, it is best to go to the pet shop to choose pure natural dog food, and it is best to choose high -quality dog ​​food, such as the leading puppies. It can improve tear marks, and a variety of nutrients also meet the needs of dog growth.

    The also pay attention when you feed puppies. Each time you must fix it, soak the dog food with goat milk powder or warm water for about 10 minutes before feeding. Ensure the nutrition required for dog growth.

    The second, hygiene

    The body of puppies has not yet developed, insufficient resistance, and it is easy to be infected by various germs. Therefore, you must pay attention to hygiene when breeding.

    The dogs that just been more than a month can not take a bath at this time. You can wipe the dog's body with a wet towel. After the pet dog finishes the three -shot infectious disease, take a week after a week after the vaccine is over. Dogs 'living utensils should also be cleaned frequently, such as dogs' small toys, feeding pots, dog nest, etc.

    third, training

    A many people have a misunderstanding when feeding pet dogs. Exercise with dogs can increase the amount of dog's exercise.

    The saying is wrong. Three months ago, the dog's bone growth and development were not sound. At this time, the training and dog movement with dogs will affect the normal development of dogs. To train dogs, it is best to start from 3 months.

    . The vaccine

    Prope dogs are usually about 45 days of birth, and the first vaccine can be vaccinated by normal appetite. Once vaccine. Rabies vaccine can be injected after three months of age. For the first time, immunization needs to be vaccinated with three stitches and one -needle rabies vaccine.

    If injection vaccines can help cute puppies to effectively resist dog plague and small viruses to ensure the health of dogs. Of course, deworming is also an essential thing. Parents must pay attention to Oh ~ ~

  3. Soak the puppies and dog food with water, add sheep milk powder or egg yolk, try not to take a bath at home three months ago, the dog is too small, the resistance is poor, and it is easy to catch a cold. full

  4. My feeding method is to eat less meals, about 3-4 times a day, don't be afraid of trouble. By the way, dogs of this age also need to control the calories and fat intake of food, avoiding fat and compressing joints caused by joint diseases. Here you can take medium patent -Kang beef ingot for a long time to prevent the original intention of joint diseases. In addition, it is necessary to exercise and bask in the sun to enhance the physique of puppies.

  5. When feeding puppies, pay attention to choosing dog food for puppies, because the nutrition required for puppies is different from the nutrition required for adults, and the formulas on dog food will also be different. The gastrointestinal function of puppies will be weaker than that of dogs. Feeding dog foods can follow the principle of a small amount of meals, so as to prevent the dogs from digestion and cause dilute. When puppies are 2 months, remember to start infectious disease vaccines. Before the entire vaccine is not completed, the dog cannot take a bath.

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