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  1. What to eat for Bomei dogs
    what to eat for Bomei dogs? Pomeranian is a small dog, lively and cute, and is loved by many friends. However, Pokmemi is petite and expensive. When feeding, you need to pay attention to a lot of matters, and pay attention to what it eats. Let ’s take a look at what to eat for Bomei dogs!
    What to eat for Bomei dogs 1 raising dogs is mainly to eat dry food. Nutritional ingredients are also relatively stable. Dog food is a food dedicated to the growth needs of pet dogs. Can fully supply the growth and development of dogs. High -quality dog ​​food, dogs can be fur, strong resistance, strong resistance, and forming. Therefore, it is best to eat Bomei dogs to give them commercial dog food.
    What fruits are good for Pomeranian dogs
    1. Apple, there are many food fibers in apples. Such fibers are very effective for dogs with constipation or poor stomach. Moreover, there are some fruit in it. Plugs are also helpful for the excretion of toxins in the dog's body, but because of the more sugar in apples, we still cannot often eat apples for dogs.
    2. Bananas, we can eat bananas for Bomeng, because there are more fibers in bananas, which can not only improve the intestines and promote the content of probiotics, but also make the intestine more active and peristalsis. In this way It is easy to solve problems such as dog constipation or diarrhea.
    3. Watermelon, we often say that watermelon can be detoxified, but eating too much watermelon may also cause dogs to urinate frequently. Moreover, dogs eat watermelon. At the same time, there are more sugar in watermelon, so we can give dogs such as fruits such as watermelon, but not to eat more.
    . Pomelo, more vitamin C in grapefruit, vitamin C can largely avoid dogs from getting sick, but also supplement the physical strength consumed after exercise. At the same time, it is also very helpful for preventing diseases, but it is not possible to eat it frequently.
    5. Avocado, avocado, can also be eaten, because the protein inside also has vitamins, and all kinds of lipids can make the dog's hair more shiny. For the allergic dog Dogs are more helpful, but it is not recommended to eat more.
    6. Do not eat the seeds or nucleus of fruit dogs: like pomegranate, lychee, apricot, plum, etc. If you cannot remove the seeds and nucleus of the fruits, do not need Eat Bomei. Because Pomeranian dogs cannot be chewed for these seeds or nuclear, and its stomach cannot digest them. There is no difference between a lychee nucleus in the Bomei dog's stomach and a small stone. In addition, the seeds of some fruits contain toxic substances. Cowing of Bomei dogs can dissolve toxic substances in the gastric juice and may kill Pomeranian dogs. To put it simply: the seeds of fruit or nuclear Bumen cannot be eaten.
    7. Note that you must not give Bomeo too much fruit, which can easily cause it to be diluted. Any kind of fruit is.
    What to eat for Bomei 2 1. It is necessary to feed lecithin appropriately
    . If Bomei has not exploded, this is mostly related to nutrition. Especially dogs with dog food or leftovers for a long time, the nutrition of the body is difficult to satisfy, let alone a beautiful hair. If the pet owner wants to be better, you may wish to add an appropriate amount of lecithin and mix it in dog food together. You can usually feed dogs with a variety of healthy foods, such as properly feeding salmon, avocado, cooked egg yolk The inherent factors of explosive hair are basically solved.
    . Take care of daily
    The pet owner must often sort out hair for Bomei. More softer and smooth. In addition, do n’t take a shower gel or shampoos for Bomei users when taking a bath for Bomei. This method of bathing brings great harm to the dog. When bathing, you should use the dog's shower gel, such as a fun dog fragrance.
    three. Frequent sun exposure to the dog
    The pet owner should insist on regularly doing insect repellent work for Bumei. There are no bugs on the hair and dogs with skin diseases. The hair will naturally be better. Therefore, if the pet owner wants to have good beautiful hair, you must take care of more and take care of the dog's health from many aspects. In addition, pet owners can enjoy warm sunshine with dogs. The sun is not only helpful to absorb calcium in the dog's body, but also the effect of mild sterilization. It is also helpful to adhere to the sun every day.
    What dog food is good for Bumei dogs
    The dog food brands on the market, which kind of dog food to choose also dazzled us. Choosing Pomeranian finished dog food, you need to look at the price and the formula, and it depends on the feedback of the dog lovers. However, no matter what kind of dog food, it can not be fed all the time. This can easily cause problems such as anorexia and uneven nutritional intake of Pomeranian dogs. Demand for merging and improving taste.
    In fact, Bomei parents can also make dog food by themselves. The easiest way is to use corn noodles with carrots and lean meat to make porridge for Pomeranian dogs. First cut the carrots, boil the cold water, cook the fire until the carrot is soft, and then cook at the low heat for 2-5 minutes. Parents mix the corn noodles with cold water, then open the fire to the large, pour the corn surface, stir well in the shredded pork, turn off the heat after boiling the water for 5 minutes, and then turn off the heat to wait for the porridge to cool down. Dogs have eaten. In addition, give a egg yolk every day, and give some fish from time to time. It is better to be better. You can use ordinary fish, but the main fishbone.

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