2 thoughts on “What brand of Dai Rui is?”

  1. Dai Rui is a jewelry brand.
    Darry Ring is a jewelry brand focusing on proposal diamond rings and spreading romantic true love culture. It belongs to Hong Kong Derry Jewelry Group Co., Ltd. to provide each lover with a perfect diamond ring. Darry Ring officially settled in the inland of China and began to interpret the moving concept of "lifetime · unique love" with the unique customization of "only one life". Today, Darry Ring has become a romantic proposal diamond ring brand in the jewelry industry.
    In the definition of Darry Ring, the only one in life has passed the only love belief in true love. It is also this rigorous pursuit of true love that makes each man's proposal full of tenderness.
    Darry Ring's unique true love leads to the culture of fashion proposal. Behind the proposal ceremony, women not only need to find the romance of being cherished, but also eager to get a Darry Ring -style only true love. Proposal can be said to be an indispensable sacred ritual in love. It is the most beautiful fantasy expectation in every woman's heart, and also symbolizes the opening of the marriage life of two people.
    From a formal point of view, the proposal ring requires a man in the form of kneeling on one knee to spend his life with him, so that the lady will be happy to wear the only jewelry. promise. Thousands of women are looking forward to a Darry Ring diamond ring. It is not just a proposal ring symbolizing a marriage proposal, but also the highest vow of the only promise of a lifetime.

  2. Dai Rui was transliterated by Darryring. Darryring is the world's most romantic proposal diamond ring brand. Men who want to buy need to be customized by ID card, and they can only buy one in their lifetime, which means the only true love in my life. Love her! Intersection Girls can't buy it ~ Compared to the brand, I believe that the original poster's friends, like me, are more importantly to see Dai Rui's meaning. It is really romantic and is the best promise to love loyalty!

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