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  1. What kind of type? Many people think of gold and diamonds when they think of marriage jewelry. In fact, there are many materials for wedding jewelry. Now I introduce common wedding jewelry materials. What kind of materials do you have about jewelry? What kind of types are there: Needless to say, diamonds, diamonds are always permanent, and one is always circulating. The hardships, bright light, symbolize the unswerving and eternal love. It has always been a woman's favorite. Pearl material: rounded pearl, contains pure and no metaphors. Therefore, wearing a pearl wedding ring at the wedding is meaningful. And with wedding dresses and cheongsam are noble and generous. Gem material: Gemstones have always been a symbol of wealth. Generally, they are a little older. In recent years, jewelry has a trend of youth. In the wedding ring gem, the color is bright and eye -catching, which looks noble and charming. Gems mainly include ruby, emerald, sapphire and other jewelry materials K gold series: in recent years, the limelight is flourishing, with its hardness and easy to match diamonds, jewelry, and gems. It is the most popular for young people in the 80s. Foot gold: Eternal value, grace, noble and auspicious, the disadvantage is that the hardness is relatively low, it is easy to deform, and it is easy to change color for a long time; a platinum series: a characteristic of pure, rare, and not easy to change color. Therefore, it is the most popular wedding ring material; what kind of materials are there about jewelry? What kind of types are there? choose

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