4 thoughts on “What are the good wedding lots for wedding prizes?”

  1. Regardless of whether it is a game or a lottery at the wedding, it is to enhance the atmosphere of the wedding. Everyone will not care about the size of the prize. As long as you have fun in the wedding, you can play happily, just
    The suggestions of the following suggestions can be referred to:
    . What are the general use of wedding prizes:
    1, a little more prizes
    prizes are practical, such as small rice cookers, cooking machines, humidifiers, yogurt machines, van machines, table lamps, etc. ; These are often used in life, as wedding prizes, it is a good choice!
    2, exquisite packaging prizes
    This above mentioned a little prize. Wedding prizes can also choose some exquisite packaging prizes. You can choose a couple cup with packaging gift boxes, complete sets of tableware, etc.

    3. Different prizes
    can buy lottery tickets for every guest present, one person, believe that everyone will be interested in this kind of gift, not only can the guests be mentioned in the wedding Excited, if anyone is lucky, winning a prize will also become a topic of recalling the wedding.
    The newcomers will also buy some movie ticket exchange coupons and cake coupons as wedding prizes. rnrn二、婚礼抽奖环节注意事项rn参加婚礼的人数比较多的话,可以在设置婚礼抽奖环节时,可以多设计几个档次,像是三等奖设置十名The prizes can be a kettle, a small blanket, etc., and the second prize can be set up with six. You can prepare a little gift, such as an induction cooker, quilt and the like. The first prize settings can be three, and you can choose gold -plated commemorative items. This is not only face, but also not expensive.

    The data from Baidu Map, the final result is based on the latest data of Baidu Map.

  2. The small gifts on weddings are best to choose the packaging, but the size is relatively small, more exquisite, you can consider practical and beautiful gifts! Can reach the entity

  3. It is recommended to use a few dolls to mobilize the children's emotions, and finally send a red envelope. The red envelope is recommended to gradually enlarge or simply send only one big red envelope. It is mainly to enhance the atmosphere. Do not send too much about causing a grab. If the guest answers the similar answer and no one can answer the gift, do not sweep.

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