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  1. Generally, the customization of commercial gifts is more commonly divided into several categories. There are probably office stationery gift categories, luggage gift categories, and craft specialty gift categories.

    The office stationery gift category is a more practical and convenient gift. We can send some office signature pens, water cups, office set gifts, etc. Such products are better practical. But we need to know that gift giving is not just "giving gifts". We give our own value attributes. The practicality of the product is not so important. It has been discarded, and we have lost our original meaning. Such gifts are more suitable for ordinary customers.
    Gifts of luggage gifts such as high -end leather suit gifts, handbags, briefcases, wallets, leather key bags, etc. This kind of gift is slightly longer than the cycle of stationery in stationery. Its value attribute can be played longer, and it will also make the other party's retention more lasting. This kind of gift is better suitable for customers with a slightly high business value of our long -term cooperation.
    The gifts of craft specialty gifts are quite a lot, craftsmanship, gold and silver crystal crafts, embroidered screen, bone porcelain gifts, such high -end gifts are more high -end, gift gifts are not just delivered, just sending gifts is not just delivered, just sending gifts is not just delivery, just sending gifts is not just delivery, but also the gift is not just given to the gift. The mind must also have the own value of the product itself, so that for these high -end customers, we not only send out the commercial attributes of the product, but also the value of the product itself is equivalent to the status of customer value in our hearts.
    The business gifts are often transmitted and showed their own brand image through high -standard communication behaviors such as high -end conference forums. Therefore, the specifications of the gift itself can fully reflect the respect of the organizer or the presence of the party to the gift of the gift, and also reflect the status of the gifts in the minds of the gifts, but because most of the commercial conference occasions occasionally The gifts are often VIPs, celebrities, or well -known media people. Therefore, in this session, the brand image promotion, improvement, and value release of gifts themselves are particularly critical.

  2. Many companies will have more or less daily return or visits to customers in their daily work. At this time, many companies will prepare a gift to bring a gift to the customer at this time. It is a business gift customization. This gift can increase the viscosity of customers, make communication smoother, and more profound and harmonious. A company that wants to make a company well and grows bigger, such business gift customization is essential, and it will also print the company's logo or company name.

  3. Generally, commercial gift customization includes
    audio, mouse pads, U disks, towels, quilts, desk lamps, umbrellas, lighters, keychains, combs, ashtray, tea cup, tea tank, ballpoint pen, neutral pen, laptop, backpack, backpack, backpack, backpack, backpack, backpack, backpack, backpack, backpack , Luggage, canvas bags, card bags, wallets, pockets, employees, trophy, medals, badges, bookmarks, desk calendars.

  4. The city's selection and leading social "new fashion", agricultural products have become gift customization "new pets"
    in recent years, with the rapid development of the Internet, people's lifestyles have gradually changed. Tea, to send leadership calligraphy and painting, shopping card, etc. The incident of increasing friendship between friends has become an activity that measures the value of gifts. Gift giving is changing. It must not only reflect the intention of the presencer, but also distinguish between traditional tobacco and alcohol. Give gifts to health, new lifestyle. The spread of the Internet allows people to learn about imported fruits such as "Black Pineapple", Tunisian pomegranate, New Zealand Golden Fruit, and Chilean Cherry. The convenience of the Internet meets our "appetite". Of course, the price is except the price ~ As everyone knows, many places in my country have their own geographical signs and local specialty agricultural products. There are some characteristic and regional agricultural products. Because of the high requirements for regional climate and environment, they want to "move" to other places, expand to expand The scale of planting is very difficult. Limited to the inconvenience of transportation, the lack of sales and promotion, rich agricultural products can only be hidden in the "deep mountains".
    Is know that the value of agricultural products in the region lies in its regional characteristics and non -replication. In the past, due to the limitation of production, transportation costs, and difficulty in preservation, the marketing of such distinctive agricultural products in remote production areas has once become a problem that plagues many operators. However, with the entry of "selection of the whole city", these characteristic agricultural products that could only hide in the depths of the mountains will break into the public's vision with a strong attitude, such as "Bloody Orange", and the quality of Taroto Blood Orange. The introduction of Italy has local characteristics after decades of localized cultivation, and its quality has greatly surpassed Italian blood orange. "Geng Ma's eyes without pineapple", Geng Ma also called the Gengma Dai Dai Qiang Autonomous County. At the junction with Myanmar, the unique subtropical climate and environment created this delicious and sweet fruit. There are also "Liancang Wild Red Mushrooms" and "Wild Honey". These "small and fine" characteristic agricultural products will go to the public and become your exclusive product.
    The selection of the whole city, providing personalized private customization, positioned as "novelty" agricultural products, from the selection of green agricultural products at the source, the selection of gifts, the customization of the packaging gift box, and other "one -stop" services.
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    private customization, corporate customization, giving green "novelty", eating health, only for a better experience

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