4 thoughts on “Teacher reward students' small gifts”

  1. There are actually a lot of gifts for teachers to reward students. Children usually prefer paste. If children in kindergarten can prepare some thumbs or prizes, such as paste or trophy to give children, not only can inspire children, but The enthusiasm of learning is more like to come to kindergarten, and it can also make children go to and have more confidence in themselves. Then, in addition to paste, you can also give some other materials, such as some stationery such as stationery. Color pens and the like are things that students like more, and they can also more inspire students' confidence and motivation for learning. Is it happy? As a teacher, he can ask questions to prove that he pays attention to the child's feelings. He also hopes that children can like their classes. It is best to say that a little gift for elementary school students is not enough. It is easier to satisfy the child. The child’s satisfaction is not as good as an adult, but a little gift. For their expectations and love, the teacher reward students a little gift. Such things are very good and can receive everyone's likes.

  2. Teachers, small gifts for students, can use some and best school supplies, so there are some commemorative significance. for example. Notebooks, pens, stationery boxes and so on.

  3. Body rewards, such as hugging with students, shaking hands with students, touching the students' heads ... Especially in low grades, students prefer.
    This letter to students. When the student has progress, the teacher can write a enthusiastic praise letter to the students to the students, and the student will be moved. You can also let his good friends write.
    Thered by a signature of students. If you think your own fonts are not bad, you can design an artistic -like signature. Except for your name on the card, don't forget to write a few words of encouragement to students or celebrity quotes. You can also ask the school leader to sign for him, and the students will definitely like it.

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