1. Which is better for Costco and SAMS Club ??? Shanghai Costco checkout cups and Ping An Bank monopoly card market, only Ping An credit card (next section)

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  1. Ping An Bank Costco Credit Card is a joint card for cooperation between our bank and Costco supermarket. Each joint card back will printed Costco membership information (such as membership photos, membership card numbers, swiping card barcodes, joining members time, etc.) for member identification The introduction of product functions and equity is as follows:
    1, joint card has credit card member card dual -heavy function: After activating annual and membership fees, enjoy the dual functions of credit cards and Costco members at the same time. Membership rights of the store;
    la holding the joint card to the COSTCO store (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) in mainland China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), can enter the store with the joint -name card and enjoy the exclusive rights of Costco members in the mainland;
    You can enjoy the full refund (except for specific products)
    S glasses maintenance: enjoy free glasses cleaning, mirror frame adjustment service
    audiovisual service: enjoy free vision optometry, hearing detection service n Tire service: Enjoy free tire pressure detection, nitrogen filling service
    C product discount: Stores launch time -limited special offices
    Qualified low prices: ensure the quality of supply quality, high cost -effectiveness (more continental regions members (more continental regions members For details of equity and service, please go to the official website of the Costco mainland area)
    ② holding a joint card to the world (excluding mainland China) Costco Store, you can enter the local store to enjoy Costco membership rights and shopping discounts (specifically for each of each The national and regional Costco store membership service strategies are subject to).
    2, the maximum cash back of each month: Customers holding the joint -name cards every month in the store and outside the store (during the event) can enjoy the cashback Domin (diamond card, platinum card, and gold card all have this rights and interests. To.

    Note: Costco Mainland member fee pricing: 299 yuan/year/card rigidity collection, which can be collected by the joint card (the joint card annual fee does not include membership fees). From the joint card deduction, the subsequent annual membership fee deduction will be charged according to whether the customer does the card when handling the card; it is a member customer to apply for the Costco credit card, and the membership fee will not be charged repeatedly.
    This response time: 2020-07-10, please refer to the official website of Ping An Bank.

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