How to take care of hair after hair extensions

Step 1 Use a dry towel to absorb moisture

After washing your hair, gently wrap it in a dry towel and press on wet hair to absorb most of the moisture. Don't rub too rough, or the extensions will fall out easily. Then get a large comb and work it slowly but not all the way through. Most hair extension manufacturer will tell you that it is best to grasp the location of the hair extension with the other hand and comb it into two parts.

b5c588320eeab4fdfe917ffe78a93c8e2. Keep the spray handy

One of the downsides of hair extensions is that you can't brush your hair, especially after it's been blown out. If you use a hair smoothing spray, you can easily straighten your hair with your fingers.

3. Shampoo depends on smoothing rather than kneading.​

To wash your hair, pour shampoo into the palm of your hand, add a little water to create a lather, then spread it evenly over your hair, smoothing it gently and washing from top to bottom. Another thing to be careful about is not bending over to wash your hair.

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