wholesale jewelry supplies orlando Is the silver jewelry of Yusin Wharf real?

wholesale jewelry supplies orlando

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  1. wholesale jewelry thailand sterling silver Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, please wait for younDear is true, but the merchants will never lose money, so the portion will not be as pure or pure.nIs it true that Royal Yin is live in fast -moving live broadcast?nAnswer the identification of silver jewelry: 1. Look at the mark: Silver jewelry should generally be used to make the mark of Silver's English abbreviation ("S" or "Sterling"). The mark of the standard silver is S925, or 9.25, 925 marks. Foot silver's mark is S990. However, many countries do not print on silver jewelry. Or 9.25, 925 mark. There are also thousands of silver marks or S999.2. The color of the inspection: The silver jewelry is mostly slightly yellow -white, with a soft metallic luster. Because it is easy to oxidize, the color will become dark yellow and white. 3. Type weight: The density of silver is 10.53 grams/cubic centimeter. Smaller than platinum and gold, without falling feel. Steel needles can draw traces or bend. In this way, it can be distinguished from the moral jewelry of platinum, K platinum or imitation silver.nDear, it's truenThank you, thank you,n4 morenBleak

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