unique fashion jewelry wholesale Will the sand gold bracelet fell?

unique fashion jewelry wholesale Will the sand gold bracelet fell?

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  1. cheapest jewelry wholesale china alloy The sand gold bracelet does not fade, because it is gold, but its gold content is not high, so the price is much cheaper. In Yunnan, Shajin is a very distinctive gold jewelry.
    The sand gold is a gold mixed with sand and gravel. It is a fine gold that is combined with other sand or gravel impurities from the veins of the metal ore or falling off the ore veins from the metal ore vein.
    The size of the sand gold is different, and some are as large as stones, and some are as small as fine sand. The color also looks different because of its own gold volume. The high gold content is deeper, and the low gold content is lighter.

    extension information
    The techniques to judge thousands of gold and sand when buying gold jewelry:
    1. In terms of price, judgment
    It will be much cheaper than gold.
    2. Judging from color
    Gold is the seven green eight yellow nine purple ten red. It means that the golden yellow gold content is 70%, the yellow gold contains 80%, the purple yellow gold content is 90%, and the red yellow contains almost 100%.
    3. Judging from the weight
    The density of thousands of gold is larger than that of Shajin, so at the same size, the thousands of gold will be more.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Shajin

  2. jewelry imitations wholesale Shajin will not fade. Shajin was originally gold, but its gold content is not very high. From the perspective of appearance, it is not the same as gold. It is difficult for ordinary consumers to distinguish which gold is sand gold by virtue of the naked eye.
    The sand gold is just gold with impurities. The color is different due to the quality of the form. One 100 grams of sand gold, the amount of purified gold is only about 3%-6%, and the others are impurities.
    The gold and gold are not comparable. The gold content of gold is 99%, and the amount of gold containing sand is only about 3-6%. The specific gold content depends on how purely it is pure.
    The so -called fading should distinguish whether the surface or sandy quality changes. First of all, there will be no obvious fading phenomenon in sand gold. Generally, the fading should be that the surface of the jewelry is wearing the dirt for a long time. That's fine. If you don't want to do it, take it to the gold shop and wash it with hydrochloric acid.
    Extension information:
    The difference between sand gold and gold

    The first, the content of different gold content
    gold has four types of texture, which are pure gold, color gold, mixed gold and gold, and gold, mixed gold and gold, and mixed gold and mixed gold and mixed gold and mixed gold and mixed gold and mixed gold and mixed gold and mixed gold. K gold, of which pure gold and purity can reach 99.99%, which is often known as thousands of gold, while sand gold is generally only 99 gold, and the gold content is very low at about 5%.

    The second, the color is different

    The color of the gold is golden, and the color of the sand gold is different depending on the amount of gold. In some, the low gold content is lighter. Most of the color of the sand gold is red yellow, and there are some pale yellow and blue yellow.

    Third, the processing costs are different

    This of gold is high, the impurities are small, and the extraction projects are relatively simple. At present, the domestic gold processing system is also very mature, so processing costs are Controlled; the purity base of sand gold, many impurities, complicated extraction technology, and high processing costs.

    Fourth, the price is different

    The gold is calculated per gram. Sand gold jewelry is sold according to each piece.

    Fifth, the hardness is different

    gold is soft, and sand gold is hard.

  3. fun wholesale jewelry It will not fade, because it is gold, but its gold content is not high, so it is much cheaper in terms of price. In Yunnan, Sha Jin is the most distinctive gold jewelry. Shajin comes from the ore. It is exposed to the ground from the gold ore. After a long time winding and rain, the rocks are weathered and cracked. Deposition is a gold -containing layer to form sand gold.

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