stone jewelry wholesale china World of Warcraft Master Jewelry, Ring, Necklace, each lack of one ...

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  1. cheap dog jewelry wholesale Jewelry, go to the Temple of Poisonous Snake (T5 level FB) to engage in a "Snake Tibetan (dedicated to the professional of the mage)" = add crit and hits, and increase the mana value by using magic gems by 25%. In addition, using magic gems can increase your spell intensity by 225 points, and the effect lasts 15 seconds. Since it is not very high -end, this battery life is very good for your copy output. It is recommended to use it! In addition, you can go to the second floor of the central Sand City to change the brutality of a fighting master, add crit grade (1.82%explosion). This is faster, but it is not as practical as the "snake belt".
    If the magic wand, if there is no good wand, it is recommended to use the fair badge on the NPC on the second floor of Shacheng to change to a "primitive god statue", that cap, plus intelligence, magic injury, and rapid effects. Very balanced, cost -effective, and easy to get started, which can immediately increase the measurement of measurement, which is very conducive to copy output.
    The ring, the player who goes to the gem processing to buy a melting energy ring. This is a good ring in the French system.
    The necklace, Zu Oman's 10 copies of the last BOSS dropped a curse necklace, adding crit, hitting the French injury.
    Masmically replenishing it, I hope these are useful to you.

  2. fashion jewelry pendants wholesale The ring is the best. Buy a melting energy ring, or HS worship, and then there are ZAM boxes and brands, which are good.
    The jewelry is a headache for all FS. Except for SW's thin slices, BT's ancient heads, good accessories are left with ZAM's demon skull, poisonous snake snake, and honorary masters of honor, but they are not all It's easy to start. Essence Essence
    , the best is of course SW's free magic necklace and the transparent magic line necklace of BT, followed by HS mobs of hell fire. If you change it, there is a cursed bone ring of the old 6 of the ZAM 6 and the natural compassion of the old 2 of the old 2. If the face is black, you can go to Kui Island to buy a double worship necklace. n. The wand. Essence The T6 storm star was dropped before, and then the brand, and KLZ Erad. Generally speaking, the current FS likes to go to SW mob to brush a magic soul cane. Direct. Essence

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