mens fashion jewelry wholesale How to do the wind ring of "My World"?

mens fashion jewelry wholesale

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  1. cheap wholesale jewelry india The wind rings are props in the equivalent exchange module. The specific production materials are 4 dark substances, 4 feathers and 1 iron ring. After collecting all the materials, you can make the wind rings on the workbench, and the feathers in it need to kill chickens or parrots to get it.
    This can be made with 8 iron ingots and lava or melting flames. The production materials of dark matter are 8 eternal fuels and 1 diamonds.
    The method of use of wind rings
    1. Press two jumps to fly, and then cancel it twice. It does not turn on the wind wall gemstone to blue during flight, and the wind wall gem is purple.
    2, right -click, the gem becomes red, forming a wind wall around the player to push the monster.
    3, placed in the fast column or jewelry bar can take effect. Both functions consume EMC and turn on the consumption overlay at the same time.

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