2 thoughts on “Where is the wholesale of the foreign trade children's clothing of Qipu Road in Shanghai”

  1. 1: Shanghai Qipu Road Foreign Trade Children's clothing wholesale is on the third floor, No. 133, No. 133, Qipu Road, Qipu, Qipu, Qipuangwang City
    2: Please see the map:
    3: International Clothing City Floor distribution Sale:

    Underground layer: brand luggage, boutique shoe, jade pendant, fashion small jewelry
    : trendy boutique men's and women's clothing, sportswear, middle -aged and elderly clothing, trousers galleries, business casual clothes, manica streets, cosmetics n Two floors: fashion women's clothing, ladies clothing, women's knitted underwear, fashionable men and women denim, foreign trade clothing, KFC
    three -layer: children's clothing, foreign trade clothing, pregnant women's clothing, bedding, wedding dress, professional clothing, "the best children's clothing "
    four floors: high -end men's and women's clothing, Korea and Japan, foreign trade clothing
    Five floors: men's and women's brand outfits, clothing exhibition halls, food squares
    4: Metro Line 12 and Line 10 Tianzheng Road Stand down to reach

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