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  1. There are specialties such as Shanghai pear cream sugar, Jiading bamboo carvings, Shanghai Wuxiang beans, Shanghai crab shell yellow, Wu Nihuan handmade cotton textile technology and other specialties. These can be taken home to send relatives and friends.
    1, Shanghai pear cream sugar
    Shanghai pear cream sugar, is a traditional nominal point in Shanghai, one of the old Chinese products, and famous specialty products. Pear paste sugar is made of pure white sugar (excluding caramel, flavor, pigment) and fourteen kinds of common medicine (grinding) such as almonds, Sichuanbe, Pinellia, and Poria.
    2, Jiading bamboo carvings
    Jiading bamboo carvings are one of the excellent national traditional craftsmanship in China. The main characteristics and traditional skills of Jiading bamboo carvings are replaced by swords, engraving bamboo with calligraphy. Jiading Bamboo Eagle Artists replaced the pen with a knife to integrate calligraphy, painting, poetry, literature, and printing, giving bamboo new life. Therefore, the bamboo carving works have gained the breath of books, the taste of golden stone, and its high elegance, which has become the elegant drama of civilians in the past.

    3, Shanghai Wuxiang Bean
    Shanghai Wuxiang Bean, also known as creamy, is a very famous traditional snack in Shanghai. This dish was first founded by the "Guo Ji Xinglong Wuxiang Bean Shop" in the Chenghuang Temple of Shanghai, so it is also known as "Cream Temple Cream Wuxiang Bean". Before 1930, Shanghai used spices such as cinnamon and fennel to make bean -horn foods, which was welcomed by the public.

    4, Shanghai crab shell yellow
    Shanghai crab shell yellow belongs to Shanghai cuisine. The crab shell yellow made by the breader is the most famous. It makes the ingredients with cakes and yeasts to make a flat round cake. The cake surface is pasted with a layer of sesame, and the sesame is baked on the stove wall. The filling is salty and sweet. The salty onion oil, fresh meat, crab flour, shrimp, etc., sweet ones, rose, bean paste, jujube mud, etc. The sweet ones. Handmade cotton textile skills
    Wu Nihuan handmade cotton textile skills, local traditional handmade skills in Xuhui District, Shanghai, one of the national intangible cultural heritage. Wu Ni Jing handmade cotton textile technology has a long history in China. Cotton and linen The fabric first appeared in the Neolithic era. The handmade cotton spinning technology of the Tang Dynasty has made significant progress. The Qing Dynasty entered a prosperous era. n Reference materials Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Jiading Bamboo Carvings
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    Crab shell yellow

  2. Specialty gifts:
    1, Yuyuan pear paste sugar
    The pear cream sugar in Shanghai has a long history. The origin can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty. Choose a little bit of home, you can find it in the general pear cream sugar store, but the reputation of Yuyuan is better and the packaging is good.
    2, Ding Yixing Fengfeng Ding Hoe
    Fengjing Dingxiao is a unique specialty in Shanghai. The Ding Yixing Hotel was founded during the Xianfeng period. Save for five or six days without deterioration.
    3, Shanghai Zhenshi Commercial Building
    The most famous of Jiangnan is the silk. When I go home, I bring a beautiful silk to the mother or the female friend at home. It is also very good.
    4, Shanghai Big White Rabbit Toffee
    The big white rabbit toffee in Shanghai has grown with how many people have been accompanied. It is said that 6 milk sugar can soak a glass of milk, the real real price.
    5, Shanghai Zhenba Food
    Serebody is a place where Shanghai people often buy snacks and snacks. The most famous in the store is "fresh meat moon cakes". Line in line, let alone wait for the Mid -Autumn Festival.
    6, Taikang Food Store
    Taikang is also a time -honored name. There are all kinds of candy, waxy flavors, some homemade cooked food, etc. Here are not very large in stores, but many times you can see the guests. Long line.
    7, Daoxiang Village
    The people who set up annual goods in Shanghai, often choose to go to Daoshan Village. Compared with many people, they have autumn travel to go to Daoshan Village to buy salty duck, prepare food experience, cut the thin duck pupa, Slearly, how many people are from snacks to a big taste.
    8, Wuxiang Bean
    This Temple Wuxiang Bean Skin is thin and loose, salt and cream uniform, chewing soft and glutinous, no flavor. Now it has become a specialty product for people who come to Shanghai to work, visit relatives, business trips, and travel to their hometown to give their relatives and friends.
    9, the champion cake
    In Shanghai dialect, the "Shangyuan" and the "No. 1" sound. Trial candidates for the township are Tu Gei, and they must bring this kind of snacks that are both auspicious and easy to carry. The Chinese New Year took a copy of the implication of the meaning of the children. The children ate it.
    10, crab shell yellow
    The crab shell yellow is like a crab shell shape, and the color of the crab shell is dark red after cooked, so it is called "crab shell yellow". In Shanghai for a long time, it was founded in the early 1920s. It was made of crispy noodles and fermented noodles to make a flat round cake. A layer of sesame seeds were sticking to the cake surface and pasted on the stove wall. The yellow fillings of the crab shell are salty and sweet, and the salty onion oil, fresh meat, crab flour, shrimp, etc., the sweet ones include sugar, rose, bean paste, jujube mud, etc. It is also a snack that is suitable for all ages.

  3. In terms of eating, Nanxiang Xiaolong and Songjiang four -gill bass seem to be the most distinctive thing in Shanghai. Nanxiang Xiaolong is a relatively popular specialty. Songjiang Tipse Gill Bass was very famous in ancient times. It is a relatively high -end specialty. Now fewer people know. Other like Nanhui Peach, Chongming Pingyan, Wuxiang Bean, Castle and the like, etc., but this kind of thing is everywhere, it is not necessarily the best in Shanghai.

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