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  1. Wei Ran
    1. Organization Overview
    The national jewelry and jade quality supervision and inspection center (NGTC), as a typical representative of Chinese jewelry appraisal agency, is a national jewelry and jade professional quality authorized by the State Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection in accordance with the law. Prosecutor. After nearly 20 years of development, the center has developed from a research room with only more than 10 people to a national quality inspection center with nearly 300 employees, and has set up first -class laboratories in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Panyu, Hong Kong and other places. It is the first to achieve comprehensive network management in China, and has reached the international leading level in terms of management systems and technical power.
    The main task of the center is to undertake national instruction market supervision random inspection, arbitration inspection and import and export commodity inspection, and provide commission inspection services for jewelry companies and consumers. The center occupies a large market share, completed the appraisal of millions of pieces of goods, has established a scientific and fair image in the minds of consumers, and a large extent limit the proliferation of counterfeit and shoddy products, maintenance and maintenance The normal order of the market.
    Figure 6-3-9 National Jewelry and Jade Quality Supervision and Inspection Center Laboratory Testing scene
    2. Development direction
    is an important period for the development of the jewelry testing industry, and it is also a critical period for NGTC to accelerate the development of the cause Essence NGTC always takes social services for social, industry, marketing, and economic services. Adhering to the implementation of scientific and technological inspections and talent inspections, strengthening inspection capabilities, improving brand awareness, and enhancing market competitiveness is the direction of N GT C development.
    2.1 Increase infrastructure construction, strengthen the investment intensity of instrument and equipment
    If National Jewelry and Jade Quality Supervision and Inspection Center is the first laboratory in jewelry testing in China. Large -scale instruments such as fluorescent energy spectrometers are used in laboratories for jewelry testing and scientific research. NGTC is equipped with the most advanced testing equipment in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Panyu, and Hong Kong to ensure the scientific and accuracy of the data.
    2.2 Improve the employment mechanism to ensure the implementation of the "strong inspection" strategy
    make full use of the existing conditions, reasonably allocate various types of personnel, and take various measures. The existing personnel re -charged in professional knowledge and technology to ensure the timely update of the knowledge structure, cultivate high -level inspectors, and comprehensively improve the inspection ability. A number of young and young experts, technical leaders, and senior laboratory managers have been cultivated with innovative spirit. The technical personnel holding a license rate reached more than 95%, and the national registered jewelry inspectors reached 60%.
    Figure 6-3-10 NGTC discusses related technical issues with the United States International Nonferrous Gem Association (ICA)
    2.3 Implementation of scientific and technological inspections to improve independent innovation capabilities
    With the development of science and technology, gems The methods and technologies of manual synthesis and optimization are changing with each other. Correctly identifying and identifying these varieties are the severe tests facing jewelry quality inspection institutions. In order to give full play to the role of jewelry quality inspection agencies to escort the industry, break through the obstacles of the international technology barriers to export trade in my country's jewelry industry, and strive to ensure the interests of domestic jewelry companies and consumers. NGTC has continuously increased the investment in scientific research, improved its independent innovation capabilities, carried out research on systems, standards, and regulations, etc., and gradually transformed from technical institutions to technological innovation and research and development institutions.
    2.4 Implementing scientific management, establishing the image of an authoritative testing agency
    In cooperation and exchanges with domestic and foreign jewelry testing agencies, introducing advanced foreign management experience and identification methods, gradually improving the testing methods, and gradually creating our country in my country Jewelry and jewelry inspection agency brands with strict management, exquisite technology, economy, and service society provide strong technical support for my country's jewelry industry.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenThe answer to the formal jewelry and jade quality inspection certificate must be a national -identified testing agency. The inspection certificate must be printed with any sign: "CMA", "CAL" and "CNACL". 1. The "CMA" consisting of the national or provincial measurement certification review agency, the measurement certification unit passed by the review. 2. "CAL" country recognized inspection agency. 3. "CNACL" is recognized by the Chinese laboratory country. Jewelry Appraisal Agency and Address: 1. National Jewelry and Jade Quality Supervision and Testing Center-010-84273637 1000132, No. 19 Xiaohuangzhuang Road, Beijing State Gate, Beijing, National Jewelry Quality Supervision and Inspection Center : 648719713, Zhongbao Association Bao Jade Inspection Center -The first floor of the Affiliated Building of the Ministry of Land and Resources, No. 30 of Western Four Lamb Hutong: 665575854, China National Federation of Industry and Commerce Jewelry Industry Chamber of Commerce Jewelry Inspection Research Center -Xichengmen Chengming Building B2, Xicheng District 16th floor B16G Tel: 661695335, China University of Geosciences Beijing Gemstone Inspection Center -No. 29 Haidian District College Road Tel: 8232303n6. Peking University Gem Identification Center-Zhongguancun, Haidian District, Beijing 010-62755676, 1000717, Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of the Ministry of Public Security, Muyu, Musician, Xicheng District, Beijing: 63537336 660245988, International Jewelry Jewelry Joint United Union Hui China Laboratory Beijing Gaode Jewelry Appraisal Research Institute -Room 703, Zhongyi Building, No. 103, auspicious Li, Chaowai Street, Tel: 65520263n9. Peking University Xinghua Gem Appraisal Center-Shipping University New Teaching Building 3303, Zhongguancun University, Haidian District:, Tianjin Baoyu Stone Inspection Center-022-2730225 30005111, Shanghai Zhongzhong Babies Jade Britten Shanghai Wuyi Road No. 242 021-52389058 20005012, Zhejiang Jewelry and Jade Quality Supervision and Inspection Station-Hangzhou Stadium No. 498 0571-5157210 310007n13. Jiangsu Technical Supervision Bureau Nanjing University Jewelry Product Quality Inspection Station-Qianhan No. 22 Hanjiang Road, East China (Room 104, Nanda Xinjiao Building), 025-3593789 21009314, Jiangsu Golden Jewelry Inspection Center-Nanjing Zhongshan East Road, Nanjing City No. 534 025-6641708 21001615, Jiangsu Provincial Technical Supervision Jewelry Jewelry Quality Inspection Station-No. 700, Zhujiang Road, Nanjing City, 025-6646182-265 20001816, Wuxi Gem Testing Center-Jiangsu Wuxi 916 mailbox 0510-3792724 21415117, Fujian Baojian Baojian Baojian Baojiao Baojian Baojian Baojian Baojiao Bao Province Jade Quality Supervision and Inspection Station-0591-3711183 350002, No. 97, Hongshan Bridge, Fuzhou Cityn18. Fujian Gold and Silver Inspection Station-No. 61, No. 61, Beihuan Middle Road, Fujian Province, 0591-7841535 35000319, Yunnan Jewelry Inspection Center-No. 35-3511583 65001120, Guizhou Gold and Silver Jewelry Jade Quality Inspection Station —— Guiyang North Road No. 76 0851-6822333-408 55000421, Chengdu Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute-Chengdu Yiguan Miao Yongfeng Road 028-518054 61004122, Chengdu Gold and Silver Jewelry Quality Supervision and Inspection Station-Chengdu Erxianqiao East East East East No. 1 No. 1 028-3334712-4512 61005923, Jiangxi Jiujiang Jewelry Gold and Silver Quality Inspection Station-0792-8225425 33200024, No. 52 Jiujiang Puyang Road, Jiangxi, Hunan Province Golden Treasure Jade Quality Inspection Station 0731-5160105 41000725, Xi'an Gem Identification Center-No. 6, No. 6, South Section of Yanta Road, Xi'an 029-5525062 71005426, Xianyang Gold and Silver Jewelryn26. Xianyang Gold and Silver Jewelery British Inspection Center-0910-3311984 71200027, Binhe Road, Xianyang City, Shaanxi, Shaanxi Province, Gansu Province Baoyu Studio Identification Center-Lanzhou Hongxing No. 168 0931-8886737 73000028, Heilongjiang Baoyu Quality Supervision and Inspection Inspection Inspection Station-No. 65 Harbin City Central Road 0451-5662783 15003629, Jilin City Product Quality Supervision Inspection Inspection Institute-0432-4661517 132011, No. 42, Jilin Street, Jilin Cityn30. Dalian Gold and Silver Jewelery Jewelry Supervision and Inspection Center-Dalian Wanliu Street No. 68-2 0411-4604512 11600031, Hebei Gold and Silver Baoyu Jade Jewelry Quality Inspection Station-0312-3026932 07105132, Hebei Shijiazhuang Municipal Jewelry and Jade Product Quality Inspection Station-0311-5052562 05003133, No. 50 Huainan East Road, Shijiazhuang City, Tangshan Golden Bao Jade Stone Quality Checking Station, Tangshan, Hebein34. Jinan Baoyu Stone Product Quality Inspection Station-0531-2962721 25001435, Qingdao Gem Quality Supervision and Inspection Station, Qingdao City, Qingdao City, Qingdao City, Qingdao City. Golden Jewelry Decoration Quality Inspection Center-Golden Gold Rushi Hangzhou Tianmu Shan Road No. 222 0571, China Light Industry Federation Gao Yusan Supervision and Inspection Center-Shanghai Testing Station Dai Yulong, Shanghai Xinhua Road, Xinhua Road No. 6, 021-63220033-310 200052n38. Hubei Baoyu Monte Quality Inspection Center-Wuhan Wuchang China University of Geosciences College 027-87481009 43007439, Hubei Wuhan Gold and Silver Jewelry Inspection Center-Wuhan Hankou No. 246, No. 246, No. 246, Hankou, Wuhan Silver Jewelry Quality Supervision Center-No. 186 Wuhan Road, Huangshi City, Hubei Province 0714-6232742 43500041, Chongqing Gem Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Station-Chongqing University Central Experimental Building 318 Room 023-69852528 40002342, Guangdong Provincial Technical Supervision Jewelry and Jade Quality Supervision Inspection Station-020-87777777771-3298, 51008043, Guangdong Gold and Silver Jewelry Testing Center-Guangzhou Agricultural Forestry Lower Road 3 Tunnel Building 020-87301500 510080n44. Jewelry Inspection Center of Guilin Institute of Technology 45. National Gold and Silver Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Shanghai) 46, Shanghai East China Polytechnic Jewelry Appraisal Centern1. Pay attention to the details of the necklace. Really APM Six Mang Xing Necklace has a large adjustment chain and the workmanship is very delicate. The adjustment chain of the fake APM hexagonal necklace is relatively rough and the adjustment chain is relatively small. 2. Pay attention to observing the sign of the back of the APM Six Mang Xing Necklace. The APM logo behind the APM Six Mangxing Necklace is relatively clear and the font is larger. The APM logo on the back of the fake APM hexagonal necklace is relatively vague and the font is small. 3. The work of the real APM six -mang star necklace is relatively detailed. The small bright diamonds connected by each star are relatively small. The fake APM six -mang star necklace star is relatively large, and the overall looks too rough. 4. All chains of the APM hexagonal necklace are car chains. The car chain looks more flashed because there is a cut surface. 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