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  1. Vajra Bodhi is divided into 1-21 petals. Each single King Kong has different meanings according to the number of petals. According to the number of petals, its value is different. Moderate, 7 petals should be a node of multi -petal King Kong. After more than 7 petals, the price of diamonds increases. The more the number of petals, the higher the value. When it comes to the degree of patterns, meat, and pile types, it is 5 petals. The 5 -petal Da Kong is the best petal in the meat pattern in King Kong.
    one petal: a one -petal diamond bodhicita can help you drive away the guilt of your heart, so you don't have to bear major punishment. Not only that, you can also cultivate your good habits. In addition, let you avoid the situation of dangerous situations as much as possible, to satisfy your reasonable desires, including money. As long as you are sincere, miracles can appear within 40 days. If you have any questions, please see the signature of your personality
    : The two petals of the Vajrayana Bodhi are especially suitable for female friends. If you are a mother, you can also protect your children and share a stress for you.
    three petals: The three petals of the Vajra Bodhicitta are very beneficial to education, especially suitable for children and large and secondary school students. When blessing learning, thinking is agile, clear, better absorb knowledge and inspire.
    Four petals: The larger the diamond bodhicitta of the four petals, the better. Drinking the water it soaked can also be worn directly, which can ensure human health and prevent the invasion of the disease.
    Five -petal: The five -petaled King Kong Bodhisattva can keep the person wearing a calm state at all times, so that the entire family atmosphere can be more harmonious and beautiful.
    Six petals: Six petals of King Kong Bodhisattva are particularly suitable for people who do business, which can ensure that the financial resources are wide and the business is booming.
    Seven -petal: The seven -petal King Kong Bodhi is very helpful for those who have just started business or are looking for a job. It can bring you more money and help you win a good reputation.
    Eight petals: The eight petals of the Vajra Bodhisattva are a good medicine for people who have a bad temper and irritable, and calm your emotions at any time, so as to create a gentle and peaceful learning and working environment.
    Nine -petal: Nine petals of King Kong Bodhisattva are suitable for those people with negative emotions, giving you confidence and strength, promoting wealth, and enhancing knowledge.
    Ten petals: For those who are more frequent in social, the ten -petals can allow you to have more than many social activities and maintain a good external image.
    Eleven petals: Eleven petals of King Kong Bodhi are suitable for people who are not very rich in family. It can reduce the uneasiness and pain caused by the lack of money to you, bringing more joy and happiness.
    Twelve petals: Twelve petals of King Kong Bodhi are suitable for people with good physical fitness to prevent physical and mental discomfort.
    Thirteen petals: Thirteen Vajra Bodhisattva can make the wearer subtract the inner guilt and give you a sacred power.
    Fourteen petals: Fourteen petals of King Kong Bodhicitta are known as "the protection of human beings". Wearing it can bring you luck and happiness, and help you realize your good wishes at an early date.
    Fifteen petals: Fifteen petals of King Kong Bodhicitta are more suitable for people with a happy marriage. They can be peaceful and healthy in another husband and maintain a peaceful attitude, thereby extending their life span.
    Sixteen petals: The Vajra Bodhicitta of the Fifteen petals is also suitable for businessmen. Putting on the hidden place of saving money can win more wealth for you and help your career to go to the next level.
    Seventeen petals: Seventeen petals of King Kong Bodhicita can prevent diseases such as hypertension and heart disease, and can also drive away evil and prevent the invasion of ghosts and gods.
    Eighteen petals: Eighteen petals of King Kong Bodhisattva have similar effects.
    Nineteen petals: Nineteen petals of King Kong Bodhicitta are the most amazing effect.
    Twenty petals: Twenty petals of King Kong Bodhisattva are powerful, which can accommodate almost all the wonderful effects of all King Kong Bodhisattva, which can be visible within 14 days.
    Twenty -one petals: Twenty -one Vajra Bodhisattva is regarded as a "maker of the universe", consisting of three independent Bodhi seeds. The world is hard to find! Quote,

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