5 thoughts on “How can there be a place for wholesale little girl jewelry? Intersection”

  1. There is no just a Jianhua greenhouse in Baoding City. In Beijing or I Shijiazhuang, I think you might as well go to Beijing or Shijiazhuang Beijing. There are many wholesale markets. Shijiazhuang is the south. The train tickets back and forth, but I think it should be earned no problem

  2. In fact, isn't there a Jianhua Road wholesale market next to the railway station? Although it is disassembled now, a street on the south outside is wholesale. There are small jewelry for cosmetics and life. It is also necessary to clear the return of return. Generally, they are returned. Many of the counties are wholesale there. You can turn it more than that place. It should be better than going to other places.

  3. There are a lot of Baigou bags, 6 pieces of general, selling more than 15 in the city
    If I want to sell, I can help you buy it
    my mailbox @yahoo
    There are small commodity wholesale markets

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