5 thoughts on “Have you ever seen your own fashionable accessories?”

  1. I will share with you these 3 high -cost performance

    The super design -oriented jewelry brand

    1. APM

    There are at least 6 ornaments of his house.

    The brand was founded in Monaco, southern France in 1982. Its name comes from the name of the founder Ariane Prette. Ms. Kika Prette, the creative director of APM MONACO, is the daughter -in -law of the founder, Ms. Ariane Prette. While insisting on innovation and design, she adheres to the traditional culture of the family.

    apm's main product series include earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.

    apm wants to present the quality of modern women is "exquisite", "fun", "fashion".

    r r

    The necklace is my own model, super love. It is particularly suitable for the liquid camisole or large neckline clothes. The length of the chain can be adjusted, which is exactly the longest to the chest position, suitable for various occasions.

    Is Zhao Liying, who just raised her mother, when she filmed the cover of "Red Show", all the accessories came from APM! To tell the truth, don't say that this is the cover of the magazine, I think it is an APM promotional advertisement. Earrings, rings, bracelets appear in the photo ~

    The pearl earrings of Tang Yan are also very eye -catching. Originally, the pearls of the large particles could be a bit tacky. shining.

    The crocodile series

    This this summer especially likes green, especially skinny, plus unique diamond jacket accessories You can make the neck accessories and can be wrapped in your hands. Jolin's same green ribbon small crocodiles are beautiful enough to suffocate.

  2. There are many jewelry with a sense of fashion, such as necklaces, rings, earrings, headwear, feet, etc., with different clothes, that is different fashion experts. Can be matched with a high sense of fashion

  3. Recommend a free -fashioned jewelry: MOB Legend long elegant flower jewelry

    Pin, one gold, one silver and two petals intersect, elegant and moving, and a strong sense of fashion. The metal material of the jewelry is neutralized with the flowers of the flowers, elegant and restrained, which is just the right "immortal".

  4. I personally feel that those gold jewelry, in fact, do not do anything, is a fashionable jewelry.
    Because you are wearing gold jewelry, no matter where you are, others will look at you more, then this is naturally more fashionable.
    So if you have to have a natural and fashionable jewelry, you can try these gold to make these accessories.

  5. Foods with a sense of fashion must be the necklace of the chicken heart, the necklace of the chicken heart, which is very fashionable, and it looks very beautiful. At the same time, this chicken heart collar is very in line with the eyes of modern people.

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